“The Road Home” releases in NINE DAYS! And, KU Reconsidered…

Surprise! Just like Beyonce, I’m dropping a book šŸ™‚ I was brought in to do some rewriting on a partially written book, and the author was generous enough to put me down as co-author. So on December 26th, The Road Home goes live!

Blurb to come, but it’s got a sexy EMT/Paramedic romance, and it being a Brad Vance Production, of course I did copious research on theĀ EMS field, rather than just, you know, doing what some people do, shoving two dudes into sexy uniforms and never mentioning their jobs again to save themselves the awful burden of opening a Wikipedia page šŸ™‚

It’s going to be interesting, seeing a book of mine in KU, released by a couple of marketing/promoting pros. In fact… If this book does well, these guys may be my publisher going forward, after Game Theory is released.

I’m pretty sure they can sell more books than I can, given that their job will be to promote, advertise, SEO optimize, etc. You know. All the stuff I hate. And I’ve worked with the owners for years on editing projects, and they are great to do business with – as in, they pay the day I invoice them for work. So I’m not looking at any of the problems I see other authors having with “small presses” that seem to go bankrupt on a monthly basis. AndĀ since my backlist is still mine, any success they have pushing my new books will generate more income on the 100% mine backlist income.

Honestly, I’m sick to death of selfpub. This is the worst month of my career, ever. I mean, I made more in December 2012 on a handful of short smut stories, than I’m making in December 2016 with a full catalog of novels. Yeah. I’ve made about $70 on my books this month. Part of that is a long time without a new release, or a BookBub, but part of it is that I’m not out there constantly beating my own drum, hey hey, me me, look look, book book!

And… I know you’ll be shocked to hear it, but… I’m taking my titles back into KU.

The economics are changing, and, I believe, inasmuch as any of us can practice successful analysis of the Ways of the Kremlizon, that they’ve successfully found a way to beat back the page read scammers. Take a look at this picture:


This is cadged from someone and I’ve hacked away some of the data, to zero in on what I care about. The enormous 10% jump in January 2016 in pages read? That was when the “digital dopers” and theirĀ Megascam drained the fund by adding 700,000 “pages read” to the total. And of course that meant a 10% drop in compensation for real honest authors.

Amazon may have hired people to address the ransacking, back in April. But in September we discovered that this guy had made off with at least $2.4 million in scam borrowbux since the Pages Read program started.

That said, when you look at the numbers since September, you see a dramaticĀ decline in pages read. Which can only mean, to me, one thing. Amazon has finally decided that it’s worth tasking at least a few staff people away from “delighting the customer” and putting them onto “relieving the content producer.”

So from its darkest days, when scammers reigned the charts, at .41 cents a word, KU comp is now .54 a word, or a 25% or so increase. The fund has gone up to $16.3M, its highest ever, even as page reads decline.

There is no doubt in my mind, that this can only be a direct result of active Scammer Purging and Prevention.

In which case… With my primary objections to KU dissipating… And my income in the shitter… It’s time to try KU again.

Besides, if my future books are all published by my new collaborators, they’ll all be in KU because that’s how they roll.

I know. I know. Fox, henhouse, Brer Rabbit, tar baby, la la la. Even one month from now I may bitterly regret it.

But right now? Fuck. Financially, I literally got nothing to lose.

2 Comments on “The Road Home” releases in NINE DAYS! And, KU Reconsidered…

  1. Brad, one thing to keep in mind is that some KU readers are dropping the program due to having access to free books through their Prime membership. I know I did. I’m sure weeding out the scammers helped, but there are other reasons for the fewer page reads. With that being said, I will be enrolling my first novel next month in KU for the first 90 days and then going wide. My shorts have done quite well on other storefronts and I’d like to keep growing that part of my business.

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