“Apollo’s Curse” is 92% recorded! COMING JANUARY 2017!

Here’s a SoundCloud link to the first two chapters:

I’ll be finishing the recording TOMORROW! That leaves editing of chapters 14-21, which my padewan and I will be powering through next week. Like the Transcontinental Railroad, we will be working towards the middle, so neither of us has to do it all. I’ve got nothing doing next week, not even acting class (fucking people and their friends and family time, how dare they), so it’s the perfect window. And then it’ll be in the AuthorsRepublic inbox when they come back January 2, so, it should be live no later than mid-January.

I’ve come to the realization that the perfect is the enemy of the finished. My teeth, my lungs, my stomach, my computer, have all conspired against me this year, but I’ve finished another audiobook anyway. (Almost) nobody ever created a masterpiece their first time out, or their third for that matter. I know I’ll get some one stars on my accents, but fuck it. So it goes. Every time, a little better.

I’m much more comfortable upstairs than I was down in the basement, and the narration is flowing much easier, so in a way it’s good the audio PC broke down and I can’t afford to fix it. It’s fuckin’ cold down there right now, too.

And barring any of life’s usual clusterfuckage, January will be given over to “Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook.” Or the 2/3 remaining, that is. So that *could* mean a February release on that one… March at the latest. In time for Game Theory’s ebook release for sure!

And I’m working on the outline for Game Theory. President-elect Putrump has been a godsend to me in the plot department. Leonid the Russian mobster? He’s so convenient to me now. His unnamed reason for exile from Russia, and his “way home,” unspecified in the last book because I couldn’t think of it yet? Who but Our New Overlord Vlad has opened up the way? And of course, who but Marc and Jesse have the money and brains (with the assistance of Certain Elements in the US intelligence community and our friend Alicia in Homeland Security) to fight Donald Lannister’s illegitimate seizure of power and the cybergates he will fling open to Russia?

It’s fun, thinking of a plot that, let’s face it, mirrors upcoming reality – an intelligence community that has to basically work against the President to work for the safety and security of the country… And, in our World Turned Upside Down, the spies get to be the good guys for once. And the glory of writing fast and selfpubbing is that it’ll be hot off the press long before anyone else can do this story line!

It’s funny to see Bitcoin hit $800, when back in February, Marc and Jesse marveled at the value of one million Bitcoins at a mere $375 million. Of course, the purely mythical Krom Brothers from book one did not get their comeuppance, but are rather now poised to send worker safety, the minimum wage, clean water, etc. all down the shitter, but hey, you can’t predict ’em all…

OH YEAH, and The Road Home comes out in FOUR DAYS! Which I am most dearly and desperately hoping will give a lift to my backlist, now all in KU. After all, RH readers will be getting it from my publisher in KU, so, if they want more Brad, they’ll want it in KU… We Shall See…

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