“The Road Home” is LIVE! And, “Apollo’s Curse: The Audiobook” is 100% RECORDED!


Thanks to all my flying monkeys on #TeamVance who’ve already left their reviews!

And yes, Apollo’s Curse: The Audiobook will be off to AuthorsRepublic for review THIS WEEK. I am burning at hyperspeed through the edits. The best thing that ever happened was the downstairs audio PC failure – it’s so nice and warm up here, and my breathing is so much better, that it makes recording go so much more smoothly. I’m now at at 100:50 ratio (100 minutes to edit 50 finished) where I was at a 150:50 ratio, because there was so much work to do on the base audio.

And, since Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook is already 40% recorded and edited, that means ANOTHER audiobook in February  at the latest 🙂

Once the audiobook and Road Home promo dust settles, I’ll be ready to start on Game Theory. I have a really great take on the whole cybercrime angle – most authors are focusing on identity theft and bank hacking and the other ways that bad (mostly) men steal from us.

My main angle of attack in Game Theory is about the information we give away. The info we give to Facebook every time we use it, the info we give to grocery and department stores when we shop there, the info we give to Google every time we search or mail or map… And how all that can be used against us. And of course, “Fake News” and how a planted story can be “truthy” enough to gullible people that it sets terrible events in motion. And how (I strongly suspect) many people in the American intelligence community will be working to defend the country from “all enemies, foreign and domestic,” even as President PuTrump and all his proto-Nazi White Walkers hand his Russian buddy the keys to the kingdom…

All these forces will be arrayed against Marc and Jesse (and by them) in their war with the Dark Forces that Leonid sets against them. Fucking awesome, right?!?!?!? Oh yes, and hot sexin’ of course 🙂

That is the one truly great thing about selfpub – you can be ever so topical, ever so quickly! I hope to have this book out by the end of February… barring the fact, that is, that I need to take on more $$$ contract work to survive right now. “Worky work” does sap the creative juices, but a man’s gotta eat…


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