$200 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken”! $5,330 to veterans’ orgs and counting!

Yeah, I just cleared off the “deferred giving” amount due (in my own head) on the ALTB audiobook proceeds. The ebook made $40 this month, the audiobook $18. (Amazon just won’t Whispersync it, even after a major manuscript revision and repeated pleas, so a year later I’m all to hell with it I give up.)

But, I was just signed to do another Elsa/Brad book, coming in May 🙂 and my advance has been paid and I decided, yeah, let’s do this. So ALTB has now generated $5,330 in donations to veterans’ organizations in the last three years!

Speaking of Elsa/Brad, The Road Home is in the Amazon gayrom top ten! I’ve never been able to do that myself, so a big thanks to PubYourself Press for making shit happen.

I’m pretty certain that I’ll be going forward with them on a lot more books in the future. There may be some they don’t want, which I’ll still do on my own, but I’m delighted with the results. I’ve been working with these guys as a freelance editor for a couple years, so I know there’s no flakeage or BS as we’ve seen with so many other pub houses (and ebook sites like ARE, what a cluster…).

I REALLY want a #1 bestseller. Yeah I know, I’ve been back and forth on this a thousand times, accepting I’ll never get one, la la la. But this is the first time I’ve done something, well, fully commercial :). Let someone else pick the title, cover, blurb, etc. who knows what they’re doing and how to sell a fuckin’ book. I was very lucky; I was brought onto this as a “script doctor” and was generously given a title credit for my work, when they could have pubbed it without my byline.

And yeah. It’s so totally boosting my backlist it’s not funny. I’m making more on my backlist in the last few days than I’ve made all month, so January is lookin’ good.

And yes, Game Theory is going to be out by the end of February/early March! So funny, I remember a review of Would I Lie to You? that said the whole plot line about hackers blowing up a power plant generator was ridiculous… When I’d got it from a real life test of our grid infrastructure cyber vulnerabilities. I made up the race for $375 million in Bitcoin in February… and that same “Satoshi Hoard” is now worth almost $1,000,000,000… And now I’m off to the races with the Putrump Resistance Movement in Game Theory.

I’ve invented a name for the “18th Department,” an organization that may or may not really exist in our intel structure. (The other 17 being FBI, NSA, CIA, ETC.) I’m calling it “Section D” after the secret government org that was formed in Britain before WWII – a group of Establishment men who decided that even if the government wasn’t prepared to fight Fascism, the country had to start preparing anyway. It was Winston Churchill’s baby, before he was PM, and I think it’s a fine idea to resurrect now, with Putrump’s slavish adoration of the OP (Original Putin) getting more horrifying every day…

I’m really getting back into reading about WWII, the Resistance movements, the people who risked their lives spying on the Nazis, because yeah. It’s that time again. Only this time it won’t be sophisticated aristocrats and old boys running the show, but rather the savvy technocrats and young guns, fighting the war on a different (but equally deadly) field of battle.

And just as then, we have our own Lindberghs and other pro-fascist Isolationists, only they’re antigay and anti-Muslim rather than (well, probably also) anti-Semites, who’d secretly love to have their own Hitler, their own Putin, running the show here.

But the good guys won then, and they’ll win again. Eventually. At a cost. But it feels good, thinking about this book, thinking that even just creating a fictional resistance to Trumpism is a start…

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