“Apollo’s Curse” Audio Clears Review! “Would I Lie to You” Audio at 16%! And MORE!

Yep, it’s gonna be Brad’s year! (/me hastily knocks wood) Apollo’s Curse: The Audiobook should be on digital shelves within a week. It cleared AuthorsRepublic review in, man, days? I submitted on Thursday 12/29, assuming everybody would be on vacation until today and wouldn’t even start on it. But it’s cleared review and gone to Amazon/Audible/iTunes! If you use Audacity, you MUST get the acx-check plugin; it’s basically a free pass through the review process because it makes sure all your files are compliant.

And, after having chucked the original 40% of Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook, I’m already back at 16% rerecorded! Yeah, practice makes if not perfect then certainly more competent. So I’m on target to finish that one at the end of January.

OH YEAH. And The Road Home is… a TOP TEN BESTSELLER IN GAYROM! And all the reviews are either 4 or 5 stars! It’s fluctuating in the rankings between #8 and #6, and I know that with Kindle Alexander having a new title out, #1 is out of reach this time around. So it goes. But TOP TEN is fantastic. All I can say is FUCK YEAH!

I know that we’re not supposed to do that, we’re supposed to be so humbled and honored and shocked, shocked! when a book is successful. And honestly, I do wonder sometimes if that’s the unspoken rule in gayrom because women aren’t “supposed” to shout FUCK YEAH when they triumph. Frankly, I think we all should.

Oh, and my backlist is getting a fantastic bump from TRH’s success. I did the right thing, putting them all back in KU, since TRH is a KU title and therefore, most of the people who read and liked it are KU readers and if they wanted More Brad, well, he’d better be in KU, right? My KU page read count has gone from basically zero on 12/26, to 7,000 yesterday and… 6,000 already today at 7 am! So that’s about $30 I made last night while I slept.

I’ve got a target date of February 28th to finish Game Theory. And I need to keep to that because… a new Brad/Elsa book will be due to the publisher on May 1, so I need to clear the decks by March 1 to have time to do it.

This week needs to be about outlining, and I’m nearly done with the research, or at least enough of it to get started on plotting. I’ve consumed Future Crimes, Data and Goliath, @War, Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, Dragnet Nation, reports from Crowdstrike, FireEye, the Feds, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the International Journal of Cyber Criminology… Yeah, you know, the usual stuff for a gay romance 🙂

So I have a ton of data, and I need to compile it in a Word Doc that will let me sift and sort all that into plot bunnies. It always works this way – I take all the anecdotes, scenarios, etc. and put them through a basic rule set: Would this make an exciting plot twist? Would this make my point in an entertaining way? In Strength in Numbers, I made sure to keep the cryptocurrency technobabble down to a minimum – nobody wants to hear how Bitcoin is mined and how that is and will change over time, at least, not in a thriller. The thing about research is that you learn lots and lots of stuff that’s fascinating, but when you’re researching for a novel, you have to triage. If it doesn’t drive the plot, out it goes.

Whew. That’s it, I guess for now. I’ll let you know ASAP when AC:TA goes live.

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