“Apollo’s Curse: The Audiobook” is LIVE at Audible and Amazon!!! Oh and other news :)

Yes, it’s live! Here at Audible, and Here at Amazon. And yes, it’s on iTunes! Submitted 12/29 and live 1/11, so that’s two weeks minus weekends and holidays. Still pretty good from what I hear from other people about their wait times.

We’ll see if/when it Whispersyncs, which I’m afraid is a necessity to get to the top of the Audible bestseller list.

I hate Whispersync because it means $0.70 profit on an audiobook when it’s an ebook add-on, I like it because it helps it get to bestseller ranking which sells more full price/user credit copies, and I’m ambivalent about it because I’ve had to price my ebooks at $4.99 to make a profit by offsetting the folks who buy the ebook to add a cheap audiobook.

Oh! And Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook is 40% recorded! Yeah, in about two weeks I’ve rerecorded what I threw away. So this means ANOTHER audiobook in the catalog about a month from now – figuring I’m done 1/31 and it takes the same two weeks-ish. I’m really glad I chucked the old stuff, because I’m so much better at narrating now. My pace is slower, the quality’s just…better. Every day in every way etc etc etc.

So, yeah. Game Theory. Remember the crisis I had with Strength in Numbers? When it looked like that guy Craig Wright was actually the creator of Bitcoin, a horrifying prospect that basically flushed my entire premise down the toilet? Well. Here we are, with Donald “Golden Showers” Grump (sic) who may well have been feeding information to Putin for years on Russian oligarchs’ activities in the US, who almost undoubtedly had sleazy backdoor financial arrangements with various Russian oligarchs/Putin proxies… Man, can this guy even get inaugurated? And if he does, will he just resign so Pence can pardon him?

The problem being the same as it was with Strength – when you write topical fiction, reality has a way of outpacing your wildest imaginings. Tom Wolfe said that way back when, that it was harder and harder to write satire because whatever outrageous scenario you concocted today was a headline tomorrow. Yeah, that.

So how can I have a premise that requires a resistance to Trump when, you know, by the time it’s written, he could be out of office?

I’ve been sluggish with the outline, TBH. We’ve had bad weather here that’s left me housebound, or frantically evacuating my basement as the water flows through the foundation, or dealing with the cat’s teeth extraction, and now some health paranoia (stomach again) that’s wearing me down. WTF, right? I’ve done the research, I have the “stuff” I need, but I’m just not feeling the plot yet.

But of course yesterday I ended up doing 2,000 words of rich outline on a whole different novel. That just flowed right out of me. Figures, right? And that’s the book I’m planning to do after Game Theory and after Untitled Elsa/Brad #2. And now I’m so stoked for that book, that I just want to leapfrog to it and go go go. That’s typical me, made even more so because I’m so hesitant with GT with all that’s going on politically. I mean if Trump takes office despite all this, which he probably will, I can see him Nixonizing – resigning so his successor can pardon him. And then where’s my whole Russian angle that I’ve been plotting all this time?

So yeah. Game Theory is not coming at the end of February. I need to be sure that Putin’s Proxy is in office and staying there, at least long enough for Marc and Jesse’s planned escapades to execute. What I may do is reshuffle my schedule so that Elsa/Brad #2 is my next project, followed by GT when the dust clears with a March/April pub date, followed by the next book…

Not what I want to do financially, but I’m not going to hurl some crappy book at the shelf just to make a self-imposed deadline. I’ll just have to hope that prodigious audiobook output makes up some of the $$ loss.

And what is this book, you may ask, which I just outlined in a white heat yesterday? Well, suffice it to say I saw a slide from a romance writers’ convention that broke down all the most profitable tropes, and the top three were college/new adult, military and sports. And in my typical sarcastic way I thought, man if you could combine all three of those you’d… O FUCK. EUREKA.

So yeah. It’s going to have all three :0 You figure out how that works…

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