Add audio to “Apollo’s Curse” for $3.47! And, The Gay Agenda Revised

Whooo… I think. Hard to get too enthusiastic about selling a full length audiobook for less than $4, but, So It Goes. The good news is that it happened pretty quickly after the audiobook release, so it’s got a better chance of hitting the Audible bestseller list now (which is almost all WS’d titles).

And I may have hit on the Secret Formula for Not Getting Too Screwed on WS pricing. WARNING: MATH.

Given the Circumstances was WS’d at $1.99, whereas AC is at $3.47… definitely not a normal price, right? I think that GTC may have been priced at $2.99 when the audio went live, whereas AC was $4.99. So $3.47 = 70% of that. Even I can do the math wherein GTC’s WS price was 66% of the ebook price.

So… maybe the Big Secret is to jack up the ebook price just as I submit the audiobook… If Would I Lie to You is $7.99 when I release the audio, then the WS version would be $5.60. Or almost 3x what I’m getting for GTC:TA. I’ve raised the price of the GTC ebook but the WS version cost didn’t rise accordingly… So then I can drop WILTY back to $4.99 and not get hosed on WS…

Maybe. It would figure if they lowered the WS price with a lower ebook price, even when they don’t raise the WS price with a higher ebook price…

In other news! Game Theory is delayed, and that’s a good thing. Here’s the deal. It’s mid-January, and I’m still not putting it all together for GT’s plot. I’ve pretty much resolved my Trump Crisis – even if he resigns two months in (or is forced out), that doesn’t matter, because Russia is still a Big Issue. All I’ve had to do is ditch my idea of M/J being part of a “Section D” kind of shadow government agency (a necessity if Big Intel wanted to protect the country from Putrumpkin), and turn them into “privateers.”

So they will be pirates for hire by the government, who can do what the government can’t. That is, whereas the Feds can’t actively attack Russian crimino-governmental networks, Marc and Jesse can, under some sort of semilegal mumbojumbo (hey if they can make waterboarding into “not torture,” they can do anything).

That said. I do have a firm deadline for the next Brad/Elsa book of May 1. Sooo, the original plan was write GT in Jan/Feb, then do that book in March/April. But, because I don’t have it all together yet for GT, that would mean putting both books on a tight deadline – racing to finish GT in time to work on Brad/Elsa, then racing to finish that in time too.

Which at this point, even if I had it all together for GT, would kill me. And result in at least one crappy book, not to mention a stress level I really can’t endure right now. I mean, this is the BIG FINISH to the trilogy, right? You gotta go out with a magnificent bang, not a hasty whimper just to meet a deadline I’ve only set myself.

And, I’m finding that narrating audio, plus editing other people’s books, plus editing audio, doesn’t leave any energy for creative writing. So, the plan is:

JANUARY: Finish recording/editing/release Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook.

FEB/MAR: Work on Brad/Elsa. This shouldn’t take me two full months as this story doesn’t require much research.

MAR/APR/MAY: Game Theory!

All of this is based on the need for $ from editing work, which is taking first energy priority right now because, well, $. Bills. Etc. I just got through a couple of health scares (which I don’t rattle on about if it turns out to be nothing, which it did, because I’ve known too many people who’ve gone on social media and dramatized an earache like it was pancreatic cancer)… Where was I? O right. With all my health scares behind me, I need to get through the rest of the winter as relatively stress-free as I can.

Oh yeah, and I need to ENJOY writing. It’s the one thing I really want to get out of bed in the morning and do, and when my day is nothing but writing, I’m in a fullness of joyitude. So I’m not gonna fuck that up by stressing myself on it.


2 Comments on Add audio to “Apollo’s Curse” for $3.47! And, The Gay Agenda Revised

  1. “There’s a little book I wrote, you might want to read it note for note, don’t worry–be happy 🙂 “

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