February 2017

THE STRONG SILENT TYPE, a playlet by Brad Vance

February 23, 2017 // 0 Comments

Here’s another one! I sent a couple (Varney and Can I Borrow This) into a short play competition. Cost me $10 apiece to enter them but the prize is $1,000 – beats playing the lottery, eh? And when I have about 20-30 of these (I’ve got about 8 now) I’m going to put them out as an ebook because why not? The formatting all gets lost when I paste them in here but que sera sera, you’ll figure it out. This is an “actor’s piece” in that Sam, the dude, has no lines. It’s a silent movie performance – have fun 🙂 THE STRONG SILENT TYPE by Brad Vance CHARACTERS JUDITH, 30ish, attractive and assertive professional JEZEBEL, early 20s, attractive and assertive intern SAM, mid 20s, attractive and… attractive. WAITER, any age.  TIME: Lunch time. PLACE: A very swank restaurant. JUDITH, JEZEBEL and SAM sit at the table regarding their menus. JEZEBEL I’ve never been here. JUDITH Really! Why, you must walk past it [MORE]

DISTRACTED DRIVING, a Short Play by Brad Vance

February 9, 2017 // 0 Comments

My first five-character piece, written expressly for these talented comedic actors 🙂 We did a cold read on this last night at Take 2 Performers Studio and it went great! Official Video coming in a couple weeks; in the meantime check out the cold read HERE on my YouTube channel! CHARACTERS BEAU, 20s, multitasking professional………..Beau Hogan STORMY DAWN, 30, glamorous movie star………..Stormy Tucker FAN – early 20s, enthusiastic to say the least………..JJ Mungcal TANNER CHATUM – 20, easygoing teen idol………..Cody Wyatt COP – early 20s, brisk, unimpressed by stardom………..Jasmeet “Jazz” Baduwalia LOCATION A busy intersection in Los Angeles. TIME Rush hour.   OFFSTAGE, the sound of a minor crash. LIGHTS UP on BEAU and STORMY, getting out of their cars. STORMY I’m so sorry, omigod. Are you okay? BEAU A little shaken up, you? STORMY Yeah. (examines the front of her [MORE]

All the News that Fits! Status Updates on, um, Everything…

February 8, 2017 // 0 Comments

Okay! Just because I haven’t posted in a bit, here’s what’s up. I’m wrapping up the copy edit phase of a large editing job this week, and then, next week, I’ll be starting work on the new Brad/Elsa book, coming May 1! It’s going to be a romcom this time, no angst or at least none that comedy can’t fix. Editing is tiring. It doesn’t leave me any energy for writing. When I write, I need *total focus* on MY story, and I can’t focus on that and someone else’s at the same time. (That’s part of why very few writers are also editors.) The Dream is to work on my own stuff, period, but The Dream isn’t paying any $ right now. And this still beats going back to Cubicle City, hands down. Work’s suspended on the Would I Lie to You audiobook as well, until I can finish this edit. Again, right now all focus and energy must be diverted into $$$ now. I was offered an audition for another author’s book, out of the [MORE]

I have a YouTube channel! See videos of my plays and more!

February 2, 2017 // 0 Comments

ABOUT TIME, RIGHT? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcFR91i3IU_bihw_Lw640cw I’m having a bitch of a time getting pix up on there to make it pretty, but fuck it, the videos are up of the playlets “If Only” and “The Job Interview.” Stay tuned for lots more productions, as I work diligently towards my screenwriting debut! And, when I don’t feel so fat, maybe even a vlog… [MORE]