All the News that Fits! Status Updates on, um, Everything…

Okay! Just because I haven’t posted in a bit, here’s what’s up.

I’m wrapping up the copy edit phase of a large editing job this week, and then, next week, I’ll be starting work on the new Brad/Elsa book, coming May 1! It’s going to be a romcom this time, no angst or at least none that comedy can’t fix.

Editing is tiring. It doesn’t leave me any energy for writing. When I write, I need *total focus* on MY story, and I can’t focus on that and someone else’s at the same time. (That’s part of why very few writers are also editors.) The Dream is to work on my own stuff, period, but The Dream isn’t paying any $ right now. And this still beats going back to Cubicle City, hands down.

Work’s suspended on the Would I Lie to You audiobook as well, until I can finish this edit. Again, right now all focus and energy must be diverted into $$$ now. I was offered an audition for another author’s book, out of the blue, but I had to decline – royalty split on a full length novel would mean 6-8 weeks’ work with no cashmoneynow, and that’s just not doable when living on the financial razor’s edge.

Apollo’s Curse is getting lousy reviews on Audible, but on the bright side, they’re lousy reviews of the story, not the performance! I’m not surprised; this is as you know my “sexless” book, the meta-romance that ends with a kiss on the last page as the only sexual contact, harkening back to the old Harlequins and Cartlands.

Apollo is a cult novel – you love it or you hate it, and those who hate it generally hate it because there’s “no sex.” I love it, more than any of my other books. It’s the only Brad book my mom’s ever read, and of all the things I’ve ever written that she’s read, it’s the only one that’s received not only grudging approval (no gold stars handed out for effort in my house), but her opinion that it’s a “real book,” and that I should do a whole book of the “Tales from the Sea.”

And as far as narration quality, I’m especially proud of those “Three Tales from the Sea,” the fairy tales Dane tells during his time on Kryptos. In fact… I’m going to extract them and put them up on SoundCloud as well as in my Audible narrator profile 🙂 Give me a day or two for that, but they’re my best narration work so far.

I did manage a new playlet this week, my first creative work since mid-December, and we’re staging it tonight – if it’s as funny as I think it is, then I’ll post it here. That wasn’t just about editing taking up my energy, since it’s also winter – and the drought is over here, god dammit. So lots of grey, wet, cold days. Fuck I miss sunny, 54 degree winter days. And so does my SAD. But the days are getting longer and things are looking up in that department.

My screenplay for A Little Too Broken is chugging along nicely. The key to the flow is parceling out the backstory so it aids rather than retards the narrative flow. Jamie’s story is simple, Bad Man Does Him Wrong, and doesn’t need more than five minutes’ screen time. Tom’s needs more, because we need to follow the arc of his injury, his depression (pulls in the family stuff and why he “can’t be gay” because it’s too much additional drama to put on them), then his decision to push forward through the pain and loss and get his legs, etc. The trick is how to “salt it” through the present day narrative, parceling it out as needed.

I saw Manchester By The Sea yesterday, which is nearly half backstory, and the narrative bounces back and forth between past and present – not always efficiently; there are a couple disorienting places where you’re not quite sure at the start of a scene if Casey Affleck’s character is in the past or the present, though that could have been a deliberate artistic choice to confuse us. Or not.

But like Tom, the whole story of Who He Is Now is about What Happened Then, followed by How He Deals With It Now, or doesn’t deal with it in the case of the movie. In the movie, as each situation in the Now is presented, we go back to Then to learn a little more of why he’s having such a hard time with Now.

I feel pretty damn confident about my ability to reshuffle Tom’s backstory from the way it’s presented in the novel to the way it needs to be in a movie. And damn confident that it’s a great choice of books to turn into a screenplay – there’s no fat in it. Even the Bechdel Rule-Breaking “two women (basically) only there to talk about a man” scene with Ava and Jamie talking about Tom lets me break the tension by having Ava make cracks about Tom’s cyborg legs and the potential for amazing cyborg sexin’.

Game Theory is down the line, now, and hey if I can’t focus on Brad/Elsa while I’m editing, I sure can’t think about GT when I still have a whole nother novel to write first.

And after that, my first “just me” novel with PubYourself Press, coming late summer! Suffice it to say that I read a slide from some RWA presentation that listed the hottest selling topics, and said to myself, as I snarkily do, “Well, if I want some fucking money, I guess I need to do a Contemporary New Adult Military College Sports Novel, don’t I?”

Bing…bong…there goes the gong, and suddenly I had my next book idea… Did you know that as far as I can tell, nobody’s built a romance with a West Point cadet as one of the MCs? I know, now someone will steal the idea, but you KNOW they won’t do the research like I will, so fuck it 🙂

Oh yeah, and I have ten solid playlets now. When I get about 30, I’m going to put them out as an ebook!

That’s it. Tired of seeing my posts about “A Little Life” and She Who Must Not Be Named dominating my stats, mostly out of a Trumpian rage that what I write about other people is somehow more interesting than my own story, but hey, if 100 people look at those and 1 buys a book of mine, right?

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