My Next Release, “Conning Colin,” and Big Audiobook News!

I’m working on the second Brad/Elsa book, “Conning Colin,” now. It’ll be done by April 1, and in stores in early May. It’s a romcom, and here’s the working blurb:

Hamilton Dillon is a high class Manhattan escort, polished, well dressed, and cultured. Colin O’Neill is recently divorced, questioning his sexuality, and disappointed by his first fumbling gay hookups. So he figures, why not hire the best of the best to show him the ropes?

What he doesn’t know is that Hamilton Dillon is really Henry Davis, yet another New Yorker living on the financial edge, cobbling together several jobs to make a living. “Hamilton” has one great suit he can wear on an overnight date, but Henry’s got a good friend at GQ who makes a nice side income renting designer men’s wear for weddings, job interviews, and oh yeah, high end escorts on long weekend assignments. The “top agency” that represents “Hamilton” is really just a smartass lady in India with a Skype account, whose face Henry’s never seen. Oh, and Henry also fakes it as the gruff and very unpolished New York Straight Man “Dillinger,” a solo porn star.

In other words, he’s not at all who Colin thinks he is. Which is just fine, until their relationship gets… complicated.

And here’s a real piece of news: my great new publisher PubYourself Press is letting me have the audio rights to The Road Home and Conning Colin! The plan is to put out CC as an audiobook on the ebook release date in May 🙂 This lets me piggyback on their promo of the ebook to sell some audio.

I haven’t been making any real money on audiobooks, for a few reasons. Apollo’s Curse made $40 in its January release… There are three reasons for that, I think:
  1. I didn’t do any promo. It was just awkward and wrong to me to beat my drum in the middle of all the Trump horrors, especially as I was castigating those authors who were fiddling while Rome burned, and not saying anything at all about the attacks on the LGBT community, on whose stories and successes they were profiting with their MM stories.
  2. It wasn’t my most popular book – it’s a love it or hate it book, with most who hate it hating it because there’s no sex. It was deliberately written with no sex in it, as a challenge and as part of the theme. So it was kinda dumb to do it anyway. I did it as an act of love, and it paid off financially about as well as most acts of love will do. And as I write my screenplay for A Little Too Broken, I’m gulping with shame as the author reminds us not to use writers or artists as protagonists because it’s too dull to show them at work. Oh well!
  3. I went with AuthorsRepublic for wide distribution, as part of my effort not to put all my eggs in the Amazon basket. That’s been unsuccessful for a couple reasons. First, the royalty is lower if you don’t go into ACX in 7 years bondage. Second, AR takes a cut of what you do get. Third, there’s no breakdown at AR as to which channels are paying how much money, so for all I know, it’s all Amazon/Audible/iTunes anyway, just at a lower reimbursement.

So going forward, starting with WILTY, it’s ACX direct for me. In the long term, 7 years bondage to the ‘zon sucks, but in the short term I’m fucking broke and cashmoneynow.

So look for WILTY as an audiobook in early April, and Conning Colin as ebook and audiobook in May 🙂

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