$50 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken”! $5,660 to veterans’ orgs!

$100 in KU and sales worldwide from the ebook, but only $16 in audiobook sales, which goes into the “deferred giving” fund. Fuck me, the straits I’ve come to when $8 matters… Sigh. Of course you wish for one of those Ellen/Oprah/Steve Hartman moments where your Generosity is Recognized and All Is Made Well and Returned Tenfold, but you know this is fuckin’ life not TV and besides there’s lots of gay sex in it so that’s the end of that pipe dream. All the same, I promised 1/2 every month forever and So It Has Been Written Etc. And That’s What Credit Cards Are For, Right?

I do feel pretty good about the ALTB screenplay, although I haven’t made much progress on it lately. I’ve been on a monster edit job for cashmoneynow, and of course there’s Conning Colin to write, and my Scripting Sundays have been taken out of the equation by either acting class stuff or just plain exhaustion. I’ve been reading Lew Hunter’s Screenwriting 434, and to my joy, the novel itself is already constructed in Acts 1, 2 and 3, and the page counts for said acts as they’re naturally falling out in the screenplay from the book (1-17, 17-100, and 100-110 approximately, given a 2 hour movie) are also already in line.

I feel good about this book as a movie, and my ability to write a serviceable screenplay. I’ve never been a flowery writer, so there’s no worries about excessive hoo hah cluttering up my script. (“EXT – DAY – FIELD OF FLOWERS The morning is dewy with roseate strands of light dappling the peonies like faeries dashing home late from their nightly revels blah blah blah”)

And, I’m super stoked about Moonlight winning the Academy Award – the idea now planted in Hollywood’s mind that LGBT Does Not Equal BOP (box office poison). Nobody pays a whit of attention to Jerry Falwell’s denunciations of hammasexshuls on TV, or even bothers to organize boycotts or bans of movies with hammasexshuls, even in Redneckistan. Oh, and ALTB has dogs. And cats. Lots of dogs and cats. When did a movie with dogs and cats ever fail at the box office?

It reminds me of Andrew Holleran’s line in Dancer From the Dance, when one character writes to another about his gay novel in progress. The other tells him nobody will read it:

…the story of a boy’s love for a boy will never capture the world’s heart as the story for a boy’s love for a girl. (Or a boy’s love for his DOG – if you could tell that story again, this country would make you as rich as Croesus!)

Let’s hope so!


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