MY GAY AGENDA for Spring 2017!

It’s been a crap last couple of weeks, with two episodes of “lung stuff” in a row, both of which have impeded most creative progress. I’ve been able to hit the A Little Too Broken screenplay because that’s been more like an editing/rewrite job, whereas writing Conning Colin has been about generating brand new content, wrestling with motivation and story arc, etc. And that’s not really compatible with a racking cough, and Z-pack, and fatigue. (And the fact that I want it to be really really good and I had to make some story arc decisions and change the rest of the outline, which meant fewer actual content wurdz each day towards the total count.)

So, CC is still coming in May, just not May 1. And as for audiobooks, well, I’ve had one damn lung or stomach thing after another the last six months, and ta da! now it’s allergy season. So my goal is to at some point, somehow, finish Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook, but… that may be it for me in the audio department.

Not only because I keep hitting these physical roadblocks to it, but I’m making jack shit on audiobooks, and they are a LOT of work. It was really exciting when I started, because of course publishing media was all about “OMG Audiobooks HEWGE!” And they probably are, for, you know, the same Audible bestsellers that have dominated the gayrom lists since, IDK, forever? At this point, the returns are so awful that I have to make tough decisions about where to put my energy. (And it’s a damn good thing I didn’t get any narrating jobs for other people, since with this bronchitis I would have had to bail/forfeit anything on deadline…)

And… not the greatest news for Marc and Jesse fans. Game Theory is postponed until this fall. It’s like this:

  1. I’ve got my first book for my new publisher due August 1. There’s no way I can finish Conning Colin, and write Game Theory, and Untitled Sexy West Point Football Player Espionage Thriller, all in 4 months.
  2. I need to reconfigure the plot of Game Theory. The one thing that must be is the final showdown with Leonid. But that means Russian gangsters, and that means Putin and that means you can’t ignore the fact of Trumputin. And I wanted that to be the theme, back in January when this all came out in the news, but then I realized that for all I know, Trump could be “retired” to Florida by the time I write that story. (Also, I hit the wall on Trump news; all my energy was going into angry Facebook posts and leaving little for my actual work.) So, it needs to be “depoliticized” in that it can’t rely on current events that are, daily, running off the rails in new and awful ways.

So it’s gonna happen, but not until the fall. And that’ll wrap up Marc and Jesse’s saga. I’ve left a lot of things “unfinished” because there was no money in going on with them (Werewolves, Rob the Daemon), but Marc and Jesse have served me well, and they’ve done well, and we all want closure. You’ll get it! But not just yet.

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