$20 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken”! $5,680 so far! ALTB screenplay is at 50%

Not the worst month for the book, although the audiobook made, um, $4.49 on 4 sales. Whoo hoo…

I was a bit of a drama queen on audiobooks the other day. “I’m not making the promised millions so fuck it.” Then I realized, you know what? If I’m sitting here, not doing an editing job or some other freelance thing for cashmoneynow, recording another audiobook is at least some extra income each month.

I’m now actively finishing Would I Lie to You, and I’m using ACX going forward, because Amazon rules us all and 40% of lifetime bondage is better than 25% – commission on Authorsrepublic, and I get the sense that since almost every penny’s coming from Amazon/Audible sales anyway, well, duh.

The screenplay for A Little Too Broken is 50% complete! You can see it here. Yeah, I’m excited. I have zero expectations of it ever being bought or turned into a movie, but if I can get some positive feedback (and harsh criticism) that will help me to go on to the next (more sellable) thing, hooray!

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