April 2017

Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook is DONE!

April 29, 2017 // 0 Comments

And off to ACX for what, as you can see in this screen shot, is allegedly a “brief” review…which a different screen will tell you is 10-14 days, so in whose mind that’s brief… Took me long enough to finish! I recently went on Flovent, and that’s been an amazing change in my breathing and, therefore, capacity to narrate without huffing, snuffling, etc. Mostly! And I have to do it at the butt crack of dawn, before coffee, before the birds and the cars and the people and whatnot get started, so there’s been that obstacle. Oh yeah, and my gut trouble, which is now under management via you know, not eating things I really like. So, I’m going into production mode now, and I figure, I’ve already got Marc and Jesse and Leonid in my head, so why not just go on to Strength in Numbers? It’s also shorter than Lie (50k v. 70k) so it’s an easier “get.” (Though since Amazon prices audio at a “words by the [MORE]

SECOND DRAFT of “A Little Too Broken” Screenplay UP NOW!

April 26, 2017 // 0 Comments

Here it is, new and improved. And here’s the Kickstarter link! Yeah, I cogitated on the notes I got from the WeScreenplay pro reader, and incorporated them into the story. I removed the infodump when Tom and Jamie first go to lunch, and stretched out their revelations a bit. The info is there, Jamie sees Tom’s ankle and knows he has prosthetics, he sees Tom hesitate on going into a crowded restaurant. Tom originally revealed he’d lost his legs, and that he had PTSD. I left the PTSD reveal out this time, had Jamie notice the legs, and Tom acknowledges that. After which, originally, Jamie infodumped like this: JAMIE  I’m HIV positive. Oh, and gay if you hadn’t figured that out. He dares to look at Tom, he’s not horrified. JAMIE (CONT’D) I meet guys, and I tell them I’m poz, and sometimes I see them freaking out, but then they think they hide it. And I just… I don’t talk about it now. I don’t try and date anyone. So I don’t have [MORE]

How I’m Becoming a Filmmaking Multitool!

April 25, 2017 // 0 Comments

Cross-posted from the Kickstarter update, and YES I’m going to harangue you again to help support it HERE: http://kck.st/2ppS8cU The last six months have been really transformative for me. Not just as a writer, but as a person. I’ve stopped thinking of myself as The Writer who ‘just writes,’ and started turning myself into the creative person who’s a multitool. I’m taking a short filmmaking class (and just snagged the lead role in one of the films we’re making), and I’m hoovering up every bit of information I can get, about lighting, camera angles, blocking, storyboarding, sound… The class doesn’t cover editing, so I’ve asked the director/teacher for a Dropbox dump of all the video and sound files from one of the films (about 4 minutes long), and I’ll “figure it out myself” and learn to edit on my own. I have Camtasia Studio, and the Internet tells me that Lightworks is both free and awesome. And hey, I’m a fast learner – I went from knowing jack [MORE]

ALL MONEY over the Kickstarter goal will go to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America!

April 23, 2017 // 0 Comments

That’s right folks. All of it over the $2,000 funding goal. So spread the word 🙂 (Edit, if you want to look up my contribution history to IAVA and other orgs, it’s all under my real name, Orland Outland, which is the name that *sounds* like the preposterous pseudonym…) http://kck.st/2ppS8cU I’ve told this story before, but now’s a good place and time to tell it again. When I wrote A Little Too Broken, there were all kinds of “military romances” out and about, mostly hetero, and mostly quite awful. They exploited the “new adult” “I’m broken” trope and created Navy SEALs, Special Forces dudes, all Heros with Dark Secrets, all written without the authors giving two fucks enough to even Google PTSD. It reeked of exploitation to me – profiting off the suffering these authors were dropping into their crappy soup for flavor. The fact that veterans were coming back with Dark Secrets, and it wasn’t the kind [MORE]

“A Little Too Broken” Kickstarter at almost 50%!

April 22, 2017 // 0 Comments

Yes, we’re at $880 in one week. But that’s no guarantee I’ll make my $2k goal – people can and do retract their pledges, so the amount can go backwards… In a small leap of faith, I’ve already booked my plane ticket to Southwest for the Scriptfest/Pitchfest in Beautiful Downtown Burbank (okay, at the airport, but I hadda do it). Small leap because it’s Southwest, so if the Kickstarter fails, I’m not out any money for the ticket. But still. Click here to kick in, please! http://kck.st/2ppS8cU   It’s $500 for the package that gets me into “Pitch boot camp” and a private consultation with a professional writer or industry pro. And $400 to stay at the airport Marriott where the event’s being held. That’s pretty critical for a few reasons. Optics, of course, let’s face it. “I’d love to meet with you, let me just walk back to the Super 8 and change clothes.” I know, but, hey, Hollywood. [MORE]

Kickstarter news! My first script evaluation is a “Consider”!

April 19, 2017 // 0 Comments

STEP RIGHT up and help by pledging here! You can now pledge anonymously, if you like 🙂 EVERY DOLLAR HELPS! (WordPress insists on inserting the video but *no link* sigh, here’s the link: http://kck.st/2ppS8cU) WHOO! So I entered a contest, won’t say which one for now, and paid for a professional evaluation to go with it. I got the email yesterday and dreaded opening it. What response would I get from the first total stranger who read it? Well, it was pretty good. If you don’t know the industry lingo, here’s a truncated version of what’s in Wikipedia about how an industry reader grades scripts: • Pass: Fail. • Consider: The reader sees lots of strong points, it’s good enough to proceed, though it has significant problems to solve before it’s suitable for production. • Recommend: The script is extremely strong, buy it. So getting a Consider means you’ve left the slush pile, and you’re pushed up to the next level. [MORE]

“Killing Your Darlings” when Adapting Your Novel

April 18, 2017 // 0 Comments

Thanks to Bey Deckard for letting me guest post on his blog! Click here to read all about the (sometimes painful) process of turning a novel into a screenplay! AND, you can participate in the Kickstarter here! 10% of any screenplay profits will go to veterans’ organizations! [MORE]

“A Little Too Broken” Kickstarter at $600 the first day!

April 17, 2017 // 0 Comments

Wow that was fast! Almost 1/3 of the way to the goal line in one day. I feel like Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein: “It… could… WORK!” About the video I posted. I rounded up some of my young actor friends because hey, I’m old! And I told ’em right out, I need some cool kids to help me look cool for my Kickstarter! I originally thought about cutting the start and end of the project video to be more “perfect,” but then I thought about what I’d learned in acting class, about how sometimes in an audition you fuck up, or say something funny afterward, and you have a “real moment” that’s more impactful than anything you get just readin’ the lines. It was the shaky bits and the real feels from the other actors that, I realized, made the video perfect. So I left it as is. And I think it works a lot better than anything I could have “produced” out of it… Here’s the link! Please help :0 If [MORE]

KICKSTARTER Campaign for “A Little Too Broken: The Screenplay”!

April 16, 2017 // 0 Comments

Yeah, the costs are mounting up to have the script hosted, evaluated, put it into contests (a Diversity contest I have a shot at, for one), attend a pitching conference in LA, buy screenwriting books, etc. So I started a Kickstarter! Here’s the promo video I made with my acting buddies; the actual link is here. http://kck.st/2ppS8cU And yes, there are prizes for all donations $25 and up! I’ve got 30 days to raise $2,000. That’s a Phase 1 for a potential movie, that gets the screenplay in better shape, gets it in front of industry peeps, teaches me how to pitch/sell a script/idea, etc. And… I made a decision. In addition to the 50% of ebook and audiobook royalties in perpetuity from ALTB, I’ll be donating 10% of all profits from any movie version that gets made to veterans’ organizations. So let’s make this HAPPEN! [MORE]

The World Reacts to “A Little Too Broken: The Screenplay”!

April 12, 2017 // 0 Comments

Read it here. The screenplay of “A Little Too Broken” is out and about for feedback, we’ll see! Got this from the guy who runs Scriptrevolution.com: “Very strong opening scenes Brad and an excellent idea to set it all in a Humane Society. Lots of emotion dynamics played with to keep the mind at work. I like the way you immediately set up the tone for this story by showing external vs internal contrasts in the character’s behaviour. I really hope the script gets the attention it deserves.” I got some helpful feedback from a screenwriter on Reddit about my tendency to editorialize emotions in Action lines. I promptly did another purge of that and reposted 🙂 That said, he added, “These are just my thoughts on what I read of the first few pages. I think you do some nice character work and the dialogue is fine.” And this from a reader of the novel: “I read the script, and though I loved the book, I LOVED this script even more. [MORE]