KICKSTARTER Campaign for “A Little Too Broken: The Screenplay”!

Yeah, the costs are mounting up to have the script hosted, evaluated, put it into contests (a Diversity contest I have a shot at, for one), attend a pitching conference in LA, buy screenwriting books, etc. So I started a Kickstarter! Here’s the promo video I made with my acting buddies; the actual link is here.

And yes, there are prizes for all donations $25 and up! I’ve got 30 days to raise $2,000. That’s a Phase 1 for a potential movie, that gets the screenplay in better shape, gets it in front of industry peeps, teaches me how to pitch/sell a script/idea, etc.

And… I made a decision. In addition to the 50% of ebook and audiobook royalties in perpetuity from ALTB, I’ll be donating 10% of all profits from any movie version that gets made to veterans’ organizations. So let’s make this HAPPEN!


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