“A Little Too Broken” Kickstarter at $600 the first day!

Wow that was fast! Almost 1/3 of the way to the goal line in one day. I feel like Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein: “It… could… WORK!”

About the video I posted. I rounded up some of my young actor friends because hey, I’m old! And I told ’em right out, I need some cool kids to help me look cool for my Kickstarter!

I originally thought about cutting the start and end of the project video to be more “perfect,” but then I thought about what I’d learned in acting class, about how sometimes in an audition you fuck up, or say something funny afterward, and you have a “real moment” that’s more impactful than anything you get just readin’ the lines. It was the shaky bits and the real feels from the other actors that, I realized, made the video perfect. So I left it as is. And I think it works a lot better than anything I could have “produced” out of it…

Here’s the link! Please help :0 If I get any $ from book rights/option/full screenplay sale, 10% of my profits will go to IAVA!

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