“A Little Too Broken” Kickstarter at almost 50%!

Yes, we’re at $880 in one week. But that’s no guarantee I’ll make my $2k goal – people can and do retract their pledges, so the amount can go backwards… In a small leap of faith, I’ve already booked my plane ticket to Southwest for the Scriptfest/Pitchfest in Beautiful Downtown Burbank (okay, at the airport, but I hadda do it). Small leap because it’s Southwest, so if the Kickstarter fails, I’m not out any money for the ticket. But still. Click here to kick in, please!



It’s $500 for the package that gets me into “Pitch boot camp” and a private consultation with a professional writer or industry pro. And $400 to stay at the airport Marriott where the event’s being held. That’s pretty critical for a few reasons. Optics, of course, let’s face it. “I’d love to meet with you, let me just walk back to the Super 8 and change clothes.” I know, but, hey, Hollywood.

And the one thing I’ve learned from total immersion in Reddit’s screenwriting subreddit is that it’s all about connections. Even contest winners have said that their wins haven’t, on their own, got their scripts sold. That their wins have either led to connections with agents, producers, etc. or that it’s made weak connections more interested. So that weekend is all about meeting other people in the industry.

Now, I do have an advantage over other writers, and that’s, well, my sparkling personality 🙂 Lots of writers are, you know, mushrooms. They’ll get in front of a room full of decision makers and be all, “Well, um, it’s a story, that’s, kind of hard to describe, but…” Whereas I’ve been in acting classes for six months, and it’s just another performance for me! (In fact, I’m going to make a short “pitch meeting” film for the Kickstarter, with my acting friends at Take 2 Performers Studio, to show potential funders that I Can Do It.)

And May 1st is the deadline, inexplicably, for pretty much every screenwriting competition in the galaxy. So that will mean a whole bunch of entry fees and accompanying evaluations/notes. So though the Kickstarter has until 5/16 to get fully funded, I’d *really* be going out on a limb forking out $$$ for these by 5/1 unless I know that these fees will be funded.

Next week is all about getting the feedback from my positive “consider” eval into the script, so it’s ready to go out the door again by 5/1!

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