Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook is DONE!

And off to ACX for what, as you can see in this screen shot, is allegedly a “brief” review…which a different screen will tell you is 10-14 days, so in whose mind that’s brief…

Took me long enough to finish! I recently went on Flovent, and that’s been an amazing change in my breathing and, therefore, capacity to narrate without huffing, snuffling, etc. Mostly! And I have to do it at the butt crack of dawn, before coffee, before the birds and the cars and the people and whatnot get started, so there’s been that obstacle. Oh yeah, and my gut trouble, which is now under management via you know, not eating things I really like.

So, I’m going into production mode now, and I figure, I’ve already got Marc and Jesse and Leonid in my head, so why not just go on to Strength in Numbers? It’s also shorter than Lie (50k v. 70k) so it’s an easier “get.” (Though since Amazon prices audio at a “words by the yard” rate, I will probably make less per copy on that one…)

I’m going 100% with ACX exclusive from now on. The 25% (minus fees) from AuthorsRepublic for wide disti doesn’t make sense, when the sales results are clearly almost 100% Whispersync add ons. Especially not when it’s 40% from ACX and Amazon-Audible-iTunes exclusive. What, after all, is seven years’ bondage on a title, when Amazon rules the world anyway, right? Wide disti was a nice try but, for gay romance? Not working out.

Oh yeah! Please pretty please help out my Kickstarter for the A Little Too Broken screenplay. The funding drive is in what I’m told is the classic “U” formation, where there’s nothing coming in during the middle of the 30 day period… I’m at a loss what else to do to rah-rah it other than what I’m doing now…

You can participate here! If I make my $2k goal (and it’s all or nothing), 100% over it will be going to IAVA!

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