13 Days Left on “Broken” Kickstarter! And a positive paid eval from the Black List!

Tick tock, Clarice! Click here to support the Kickstarter!

Here’s the summary of the paid eval (scored 6 out of 10) from the Black List (okay, I got it for free via Franklin Leonard via /r/screenwriting, but still!). You can read the whole thing but you’ll have to go to the Kickstarter page 🙂

This is a low budget romantic drama with some excellent characterizations and strong emotional struggles for the main characters. This could have strong appeal for indie, festival, and LGBT audiences, with the military and animal angles adding unique elements to the story. The action can lose focus at times and certain elements are underexplored, leaving room for further development.

Just between me and the six of you who actually visit this blog to read about something besides Josh Lanyon or A Little Life, I’m “at peace” if I don’t get the Kickstarter funded. Hey, I’m only in debt a few hundred (more than I already am) bucks on evals and contest entries, and it’s not the end of the world if I don’t go to Scriptfest/Pitchfest.

Everything I’m reading about what I have to do to get out of the deep dark “U” in the middle of the campaign is, well, you know that guy you meet at the bookstore, and he seems really cool, and then he starts telling you about his multilevel marketing opportunity… Or, the hilarious bullshit put out by the “Fyre Fest” peeps, whose PPT was put up on Vanity Fair, with charts with fake words like “Ideate” and “influencers” (always a head shaker when I think about millions of gullible wannabees taking up drinking Sprite because LeBron James says the “cool influencers” are all guzzlin’ it and would you want to be left behind?). Or the Instagram joke recycler whose whole schtick is described as basically “thoughtful content strategy referencing in-depth analytics to ensure that the data behind content performance is aligned…” JUST SAY CLICKBAIT.

And every day I get some hustler leaving me a message on KS about how they can leverage social media for maximum engagement blah blah, and who knows what that would cost…

It’s just gross… I’m moving forward with a publisher because I feel gross just bang bang banging a drum with really nothing new to say other than bang bang bang. Who knew free money would be so much work? The only thing I can keep doing is posting on the ACTUAL PROGRESS OF THE PROJECT. And hope that attracts more sponsors…

2 Comments on 13 Days Left on “Broken” Kickstarter! And a positive paid eval from the Black List!

  1. I’m really sorry the KS isn’t working for you.You’ve said that you’re getting positive results with the new publisher you’ve started working with. Is there any chance you could do a revised version of Broken with them? By revised I mean incorporating some of the changes you made for the screenplay. I realize the screenplay is much shorter than the book, but you did say that doing it highlighted for you some portions of the book that could be improved. Just a thought…

    • Yeah it’s not so much that it’s not working as that it’s stalled which is to be expected I’m told. But doing the things I’m told I can do to get it moving are basically paying people to create more spam for more Spam folders and tweet what I’m already tweeting 🙂 he’s not interested in going back with my back list but yeah it is something I consider, rewriting the novel itself. The problem is the audiobook is already out and it’s Whispersync to that version so I’d have to throw out the whole audiobook as well and read you that. We’ll see but thanks for the suggestion!

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