Last days of the Screenplay Kickstarter, only at 50%…

Here’s the link!

Not *quite* ready to do a postmortem, but it’s not looking good. I know, I should be radiating bang-the-drum positivity in every direction right now, but… Shit, if I was that guy, I wouldn’t need a Kickstarter 🙂 THAT SAID, there’s still time to make it happen, it ends early Tuesday morning. And **thank you** to all of you who signed up to support it!

Hey, it was a learning experience! If you want to get KS itself to find your KS exciting and promote it, your best bet is to create a cool, physical product. I discovered there are about 12 billion people out there who will claim that they can “successfully promote” your KS, and who prove their aggressive marketing skills by sending constant emails asking me if I got their mail about promoting my KS.

Oh, and then there’s the ones that say “I had a KS and I want to warn you not to be fooled by marketing scammers! Instead, click on this Google Docs Link Which I’m Sure Is Totally Not Dangerous for a list of REAL marketing pros!”

In other words, like Levi Strauss, the real money isn’t made on the Gold Rush, it’s made on the Gold Rushers. I could have ended up *losing* money on the KS if I paid these people to do, well, basically what I did, tweet and FB, with no sense that they could direct it at an LGBT audience, just that they’d shove as much spam into as many spam folders as possible…

I wish I may I wish I might so many things I could have done differently – chosen a lower goal, a shorter time frame (if only to spare the agony of waiting, did I mention Would I Lie to You: the Audiobook is 14 days into its “brief review” at ACX?), etc.

OK! Gotta go be an extra in a movie 🙂 Oh, and I need to direct you all to my “screen debut” in a small film but, that’s another day’s post.

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