ACX wants me to share my “progress”: 24 days and counting in “brief review.”

Hey! They’re so enthusiastic about me sharing my “progress” on social media? Well here you go, buddy. 24 days in Purgatory and counting…

Man this sucks. I called last week and the guy said he’d “refer” it to the review department. Yesterday I wrote and got a rather huffy email that said since I’d called “just two business days ago” nothing had happened yet. Well God Forbid a corporation get a single thing done in two whole business days, and how dare you even ask again so soon.

I don’t understand how submitting through AuthorsRepublic, a wide distributor, could get my audiobooks on the shelf at Audible and Amazon in as little as 7 days… but submitting direct to Audible/Amazon leads to Neverending Purgatory.

Because this costs me money. An entire month’s worth of sales. And All I get is “we’ll look into it, maybe, someday.” I hate this.

2 Comments on ACX wants me to share my “progress”: 24 days and counting in “brief review.”

  1. Tim Heller // May 23, 2017 at 10:44 am // Reply

    Well, boy this sure isn’t how to ‘WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE OTHERS’ is it?

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