Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook is… LIVE ON AUDIBLE!!!


It’s true! At long last… I’m only hoping that I’m now flagged in their system as /troublemaker, and it won’t take 900 years to get through the approval process on Strength in Numbers. Which, TBH, I set aside at 75% two weeks ago – I just had this existential dread that WIL would never, ever go live, that it was all for nothing… Sorry if that sounds dramatic, but that’s how it felt.

Small victories, right? I won’t even talk about a vicious troll clusterfuck/personal attack I had to deal with on Amazon/Facebook, since it’s over. But damn it took the wind out of me. The vicious attack got deleted (seems I’m not the only authorial victim of this person’s bile and venom) and I was in tears this a.m. when I got the email that WIL was finally live…

My new motto is “you can’t cry till you win.” Because until you do, you’re gonna need every ounce of willpower you got to fight. So I’m exhilarated and exhausted, trying not to stress as I always do on Colin sales numbers – it’s day 5, it’s not selling, it’s all over…

I’m trying to work on my new Hollywood book, but… I’m so drained from recent events that I don’t have it. I’ve decided to chuck the quest for the lost gay movie (at least for this book, who knows, maybe a sequel?) and shift the bulk of the action to a The Chair/Project Greenlight reality show, where one of the MCs is a contestant. So I still need to have a Purpose for the other MC, other than Supportive Wifey Type.

I’m on a tight deadline – if, that is, I can make it. If I can’t put out One Hell Of A Book by the end of July for an 8/2 pub date, well, I’ll have to wait for 10/2, my publisher’s next date. I’ll lose money, because I won’t make any royalties in Q3, but I wouldn’t make any anyway if I submitted an inferior book. Maybe it’s just not coming right now this minute because of all the stress. But I’m not going to shovel some crap out the door just to make a date.

2 Comments on Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook is… LIVE ON AUDIBLE!!!

  1. Just got Would I Lie audio bk
    Finally! BIG

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