July 2017

The Smart Contract Future: Freeing Creatives from Amazon Forever

July 28, 2017 // 5 Comments

How do I Hate Thee, Amazon? Let Me Count the Ways. The technology I’m about to discuss will inevitably blow Amazon out of the creative content market, and the list below, of how awful Amazon is to content creators, is why it’s going to happen so much faster that the tech alone would dictate… As a self published writer and audiobook producer for five years now, I’ve seen every ugly trick Amazon has up their sleeves. They’ve finished their Walmart-ization of the ebook publishing industry, luring us all in with absurdly high KU royalties for exclusivity, destroying all competing platforms, and then, just like Walmart, saying to their suppliers, “We’re the only game in town now, so we’re cutting the price we pay you and you can like it or… well, go out of business.” But there’s hope for us, not in the form of a new website, but a new technology, one that’s as truly “disruptive” to old content provision models as Amazon itself once was to shopping. I became [MORE]

I’m leaving Gayrom… for a new filmmaking career.

July 22, 2017 // 8 Comments

Game Theory will be my last gay romance. And I’m only writing that to bring closure to the Marc and Jesse saga. Oh, and be warned – there may be no sex scenes in it at all. My ability to put Tab A into Slot B in a different scenario one more time is pretty exhausted! And people who love these characters will follow them to the end regardless. Bring on the one star reviews for “buk haz no sex,” I don’t care! There are a lot of reasons for this, but let’s start with economics. The failure of Conning Colin really hit me hard. It’s so fucking good. And I mean Publishers Row good. And it tanked. And that was with aggressive sales and marketing work by my publisher. My two Marc and Jesse audiobooks have sold a total of … 67 copies in the last two months. So given narrating, editing and production time, I’m making less than minimum wage on my audiobooks. Amazon sucks, let’s not forget that. I can’t even know how many of [MORE]

“Strength in Numbers: The Audiobook” is LIVE on Audible!

July 10, 2017 // 2 Comments

It’s here! Part 2 of the Game Players trilogy, now available on Audible! https://www.audible.com/pd/Fiction/Strength-in-Numbers-Audiobook/B073RRKTMW Man, it takes almost as long to get one on sale as it does to record one… I’m about 2/3 of the way through The Road Home. And then it’s probably break time re audiobooks. WILTY only sold about 40 copies so far, which I don’t even know how much money that is, since Whispersync ebook add-on sales ($2 or less in royalty) aren’t broken out on ACX from sale-sales ($8) until you get your sales report… So what, may I ask, is the use of the ACX sales figures page if it doesn’t even tell you how much money you’re making? It’s a ton of work to do an audiobook, and if the $ are this minimal, I need to focus on other things. It sucks, because for the first time, I’m getting solid 5-star ratings on my performance on WILTY. But Daddy needs… well, a job. I was just crowing about [MORE]