August 2017

Nicholl feedback on “A Little Too Broken” Screenplay!

August 30, 2017 // 0 Comments

Okay, this is at Version 5 as of this morning, incorporating new feedback (with more to come) from my screenwriting group. Here’s the link! I didn’t make the cut in the Nicholl competition (The Big One), and I was okay with that. I knew that only 5% of 7,000 submitted scripts would make it to the next round. Then I saw a post on Reddit from a guy who said, “I didn’t make it either, but got congratulated by them for making the top 10%!” So I thought, okay, well, I didn’t make the top 10%, I can live with that I guess. Then some other guy posts, “I got one of those too, for being in the top 15%!” That’s when I said AH FUCK 🙂 Oh well, everything’s subjective. Here’s the feedback I got from two different readers. The first reader, well, just didn’t connect with the story at all, and what can you do about that. The second reader liked the story, though, and gave me some interesting feedback that I can actually take [MORE]

MY (NOT SO) GAY AGENDA for Fall 2017!

August 27, 2017 // 1 Comment

Yeah, no longer my “gay agenda” as I’m leaving gayrom, barring IDK a call from Netflix, because they want to option all my books. But! Lots of creative stuff in the pipeline, and I suppose my continuing work on the A Little Too Broken screenplay could be considered a gay agenda item. As noted, filmmaking and screenwriting is the focus now. I’ve been down with Lyme disease for two weeks, after working as a PA on a movie filming in the woods, next to a golf course, with lots of (formerly) adorable deer ambling about. “I don’t need DEET!” I exclaimed proudly. “Mosquitos hate me!” Indeed they do, but there’s someone for everyone, and turns out I’m the one for a deer tick. So nothing’s progressed lately. But, I’m in a local screenwriters group, and I’ve received great feedback on ALTB, which I’m now finally ready to incorporate. It’s going to be a fairly large shift around the half way point, a [MORE]

“The Road Home” Audiobook is up on Audible!

August 4, 2017 // 0 Comments Barring divine intervention (which could only manifest in the form of several thousand angels each purchasing a full price copy, not a Whispersync add-on), this will be my last audiobook 🙂 I’ve sold a total of 83 audiobooks in ACX since June 1, and pretty much every sale through AuthorsRepublic has been a $1 royalty on a Whispersync add-on. So, given narrating, editing and producing times, I’m making less than minimum wage on these. But, I learned a lot. And I tried! And you know, my voice is like my writing, you either like it or you don’t. Oh yeah. I’m actually writing Game Theory! So far in the first few chapters there’s already been a spectacular train crash and a massive wind turbine explosion. Blowin’ shit up is [MORE]

The humor piece that The New Yorker gave an “Evident Merit” rejection!

August 2, 2017 // 0 Comments

Why not, right? See for yourself. As noted earlier, The New Yorker recently sent me a rejection letter, declining the piece “despite its evident merit.” Which is a pretty good rejection from them! By the time I got the rejection letter, three months had passed and Bill Gates’ comment was no longer newsworthy… that’ll teach me to submit newsworthy humor, eh? Enjoy!   Welcome to RoboTax 2016! By Brad Vance   According to Bill Gates, if a robot is going to do a human’s job, it should also pay a person’s income taxes. –   Hello! And welcome to RoboTax 2016! Let’s get started on your 1040-R! We’ve automatically entered your personal information from your IP address. Now we’ll ask you a few questions. Were you first put in service at this location in 2016? If so, enter your activation date. Thanks! Please fill in the number of human jobs you replaced. If you don’t know this number, you can take the Standard [MORE]

Amazon’s “Improved Improving Improvement” to KU, NO notice, NO explanation

August 1, 2017 // 0 Comments

Just another Bezosteroid crashing into my inbox… THIS is why I can’t make a living. Because Amazon not only changes the rules with no notice… they don’t tell you what rule they changed. “Today we are releasing our next iteration of Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count – KENPC V3.0. This release makes a number of improvements to how we determine the length of books relative to one another and how we measure pages read. We expect payouts to the vast majority of authors to be largely unchanged as a result of these updates. In addition, we will pay at least $18 Million from the KDP Select Global Fund in July. We are constantly working to improve our programs and increase the fairness of how we allocate the KDP Select Global Fund. Our goal remains to build a service that rewards authors for their work while continuing to attract more readers and encouraging them to read more and more often. As always, we welcome feedback and ideas about how we can improve [MORE]