Amazon’s “Improved Improving Improvement” to KU, NO notice, NO explanation

Just another Bezosteroid crashing into my inbox… THIS is why I can’t make a living. Because Amazon not only changes the rules with no notice… they don’t tell you what rule they changed.

“Today we are releasing our next iteration of Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count – KENPC V3.0. This release makes a number of improvements to how we determine the length of books relative to one another and how we measure pages read. We expect payouts to the vast majority of authors to be largely unchanged as a result of these updates. In addition, we will pay at least $18 Million from the KDP Select Global Fund in July.

We are constantly working to improve our programs and increase the fairness of how we allocate the KDP Select Global Fund. Our goal remains to build a service that rewards authors for their work while continuing to attract more readers and encouraging them to read more and more often.

As always, we welcome feedback and ideas about how we can improve Kindle Direct Publishing and Kindle Unlimited. You can contact us here: To learn more about KENPC V3.0, go here:”

And of course what you “learn more” at the page? EXACTLY WHAT’S IN THE EMAIL AND NO MORE. So what happened? What did they “Improve”? NOBODY KNOWS.

Fuck I hate Amazon. This is why I’m leaving selfpub…

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