MY (NOT SO) GAY AGENDA for Fall 2017!

Yeah, no longer my “gay agenda” as I’m leaving gayrom, barring IDK a call from Netflix, because they want to option all my books. But! Lots of creative stuff in the pipeline, and I suppose my continuing work on the A Little Too Broken screenplay could be considered a gay agenda item.

As noted, filmmaking and screenwriting is the focus now. I’ve been down with Lyme disease for two weeks, after working as a PA on a movie filming in the woods, next to a golf course, with lots of (formerly) adorable deer ambling about. “I don’t need DEET!” I exclaimed proudly. “Mosquitos hate me!” Indeed they do, but there’s someone for everyone, and turns out I’m the one for a deer tick.

So nothing’s progressed lately. But, I’m in a local screenwriters group, and I’ve received great feedback on ALTB, which I’m now finally ready to incorporate. It’s going to be a fairly large shift around the half way point, a medium-sized departure from the novel, which will then roll through the rest of the story. But it’ll make a better story, so I’m taking the notes and plowing ahead. I’ve put myself on the agenda for next Saturday, which means finishing my edits NLT Thursday a.m.

Game Theory just… fuck. I got started on it, got a head of steam, then my mom got afib and went into the hospital. Got started on it again, head of steam… Lyme disease. It feels cursed. It’s something that needs to be written at an exuberant breakneck pace that I just can’t muster with a head and body full of antibiotics, and a nagging anxiety every time I look at my bank balance. I know GT will make some money, but, not fuckin’ much.

My monthly book royalties are in the double digits for the first time since, well, ever. Even when I started five years ago, my smut shorts cleared over $100 a month. Between pirates, scammers, and I suppose people just sick of me, it’s over.

You really can’t predict anything in this biz. I finished Road Home as an audiobook, as my last audiobook, because they’re not making money, put it out with no promo whatsoever… and that’s the only one that’s selling, at least a few copies a day. Right? How can you figure this shit out?

That said! I am planning on teaching a novel writing class, here in Reno. “Building the Novel,” because there’s no humba dumba about Lovely Sentences or Luminous Prose or Finding Your Voice. A novel isn’t something that the faeries sing to you as you wake up, it’s something you design and build, and you’ll “find your voice” as you do it. I figure, hey, I’ve written 15 novels, I used to be a trainer, so why not? We’ll see if I can make that fly; it would be nice to get a few small things going that will save me from the horrors of going back to … you know.. *shudders at thought of long pants and button down shirts.*

Oh! And, for those of you who’ve delved deep into the archives, “Orland’s” novel Less than a Person and More than a Dog will be my next screenplay! I saw a really cool video via Reddit yesterday, a short that’s part of a plan for a feature film, about how technology, in this case Facebook, can be used to alter your social dynamics for better… or worse. And I remember my old therapist telling me that he thought it was a wonderful novel, and my mom occasionally nags me to “do something with that book, rewrite it or something,” which I ignore because yeah right, I can really sell a novel…

But man, it’s so perfect for a screenplay. And the story’s already written! Like ALTB, of course, lots will have to bend and change to make it more “cinematic,” but since I’ve always written cinematically, the fundamental structure is there already.

So that’s where we’re at! There’s also a possibility of some paid script writing work but only a possibility so I don’t even want to talk about it. But the dream is to put together a couple of these things into a livable income. Wish me luck!

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  1. #TeamVance – I am sure things will pan out. Eventually. I am just glad that I kept the techie gig because it affords me to create and not really care too much about what’s going on after the release. I am in it for the creation. Publication is secondary (for me) – though I love the creative bits surrounding book covers and promo materials – not that I am particularly good at promo, either. I took the MasterClass Aaron Sorkin online course. I do have to say that the courses at MC are well done, but may be beyond where you are with screenwriting (supposedly the course Shonda Rhimes did for them was brilliant as well – and you get the ear of those ‘celeb’ writers while you take the course). Something to consider – even if the cost is $90 per course (though it’s life time so you can go back again and again to review and pick up new things along the way). They also have a “hub” where the students comment/share works so you get feedback on what you’re doing as well. Just a thought …
    I also took Patterson’s course at MC and while he didn’t cover too much ground I hadn’t run into myself, I did like that he included several scenes from one of his books and annotated where he made changes and why. That was a fascinating read to see a work in progress with author notes on his own process and well worth the $90 on it’s own.

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