“Conning Colin” will be an Audiobook!

Yeah, too funny. I’d given up on making money on these. Put out The Road Home and said, “screw it, I’m not even going to promo this, I’m done with audiobooks, there’s no money in it.” And it made $300 in August.

And… I just realized that both Marc and Jesse audiobooks were miscategorized on Audible (one as “fiction / contemporary” for God’s sake, even they’re totally classed as fiction / romance / GAY on Amazon). So the reason they didn’t sell, I DON’T KNOW MAYBE BECAUSE NO GAY ROMANCE LISTENERS EVER SAW THEM?

Ok, end caps 🙂 Water, bridge, etc. Put an email into Audible about it. That’s what I get for trusting Anyone And Anything Related To Amazon To Get Shit Right The First Time.

I know, Conning Colin, the novel, was a box office disaster. Even though it’s, after Apollo’s Curse, my best book. But I think there are various and sundry reasons for that, including timing (and Amazon fucking with shit behind the scenes right around release time that might have torpedoed the ad campaign). And maybe, like a movie that tanks at the cinema, it could find new life in another medium.

I need money, honey. I’m broke. Like not “ha ha I’m a rich kid in college living on ramen isn’t it romantic,” broke. The real thing. Living on credit and hope. Mostly credit.

So even another $300 from Colin will be helpful. And, hey like I said, I fucking LOVE this book. It’ll be no hard task to narrate it 🙂 So look for that on shelves near the end of October/start of November…

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