The Bradish Empire Expands! Read “Crunch,” my web series pilot script!

Here it is! (Updated version 10/3/17)

LOGLINE: When Reno’s housing crunch leaves would-be renters with few options, a permanently outsourced tech worker splits his basement into six cubicle-sized living quarters.

Hey if you wanna be a movie star, you gotta make your own movies, right? I wrote this earlier this summer but then it was Lyme Disease time and I just lost the thread of, well, everything.

And yes of course I’ll be playing the semi-unscrupulous landlord / Master of the House. It’s gonna be batshit ensemble comedy, of course, but it’ll deal with all the stuff we’re dealing with here in Reno now. Housing is well nigh impossible to find, even the sketchy weekly motels are full up. And I’m planning on casting from my local acting class, to play the underemployed youngsters / reluctant tenants.

With (I fervently hope) the chaos and disorder of this summer behind me and some stability ahead, this is on my agenda for the fall, to at least get the pilot up on Vimeo (really over putting up stuff for free on YouTube and nobody profiting off it but Google).


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