Episode 2 of “Crunch” is done! Read it here!

Here’s the latest edition of episode 1, after a pass through my screenwriters’ group and a staging in acting class.

And here’s the first draft of episode 2!

And episode 3 is almost written, still missing an essential component but it’s coming.

I’m really flying on these. I have a friend who’s volunteered to film it, lots of actors willing to be in it, and of course I have the location any time I want it! So it’s really happening! We should be filming by early November at the LATEST! 

Part of setting the whole thing in the house was to give it a desperate / claustrophobic feel, but also because it’s the only location I can access any time I want. That’s one logistical challenge I won’t face!

My confidence is sky high right now in the creative department. I auditioned for a role in a Real Motion Picture, and not only did I get a callback but I got phenomenal feedback on said callback from a big LA casting director. Which means… HOLY SHIT, IF I IMPRESSED THAT GUY…I DO THIS. I act. I’m not making any money at it, but… If I can make that happen? Then it’s real, I’m “real.”

I spent a lot of time preparing for the callback, rereading The Power of the Actor and Directing Actors and Audition and marking up my sides and making all my notes on scene objective and character spine and inner monologue and fuckin’ everything. I was prepared. And it showed.

Never did hear if I got the role, which is the same as no 🙂 BUT, it doesn’t matter, since it totally gave me the confidence to write my web series in which I’m in almost every episode. Because I can do it all now, I write, I can act, I can direct actors, I think, at least not poorly. I’m skint on the technical side but I have help with that.

And I know from, well, everything I read everywhere, you just don’t sit around waiting for something to happen, with your screenplay, with your audition, with an agent, whatever. Nobody will read your screenplay, your series idea? Make your own damn show. Make ’em notice you.

I recently read that HBO is finding a lot of their series talent from webisode content – they know exactly what they’re getting when they see that, and it makes it easier to say YES to a project from the same people – newcomers to “real” TV but not to making stories that work.

SO YEAH. My goal is to have at least 5 of these written before we start filming (10 episodes for the first “season”). And I’m well on my way to that. Then having those 5 filmed before I put the first one up.

I’m doing Vimeo because it’s just a higher quality outlet (and I’m told Hollywood prefers to find you there rather than somewhere in the noise of YouTube) and you might even get paid, unlike YouTube.

I *should* be looking for work in Cubicle City, but… fuck. I’m on such a high right now from this enormous creative validation that it’s just too hard to think about setting all this aside to spend my days doing somebody’s PowerPoint presentation on Total Quality Excellence Metrics in Q3. So I’m just gonna burn through my remaining cryptocurrency “savings” and hope that something happens to save me from Death By PowerPoint…

…Kind of funny – when we staged V.1 of episode 1 onstage, I think I flopped. I realized why later; I thought “I’m just playing me, I don’t have to prepare.”

Well, yes and no. Brad is me but he’s not – I’m probably permanently exiled from F/T tech jobs at my age too, but I don’t care, I have acting and writing as potential new worlds to conquer. He doesn’t.

I’m not facing the horrible inevitability of letting strangers live in my house. He is. (Fuck, I’d move out before I let anyone move in.)

So I did some rewriting on #1 to reflect that, and it should be a lot more effective next time we run it. Also, I made him look less like a cartoon villain by introducing his manipulative long distance “boyfriend,” Daytona. That’s right, a guy named Daytona. Draw your own conclusions on how that’s going to go 🙂

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