“Crunch” web series in PREPROD, episode one on Vimeo in NOVEMBER!

LOGLINE: When a permanently outsourced tech worker becomes strapped for cash, he turns his basement into a low-end dormitory, where six desperate Millennials face a Darwinian struggle to survive. (Tagging this with “Comedy” so you don’t think it’s Saw or something!)

It’s true! This is really truly happening! We’re filming the first episode this month, and then if it lands with The Vimeogoing Public, we’re off to the races… And I could use your financial help, please click here on my Sponsor page for details 🙂

You can read the episode one script here. And there are links on my sponsor page to more.

As I mentioned, getting that callback was a life changer, because it told my head, conclusively, that I can do this, and that my head should shut the fuck up with all its negatude and naysaying!

This is my first foray into directing, and Thank The FSM I have a great DP who’s going to hold my hand through it. I’ve been immersed in Michael Rabiger’s Directing and Judith Weston’s Directing Actors and Rousseau/Phillips’ Storyboard Essentials which has a hell of a lot more in it than just how to storyboard, and while I know you can’t learn how to do it by reading a book, well, at least I’ve read a book or twelve before I jump in to this, right?

So I’m moving ahead with my new life… Look for more details here! And pretty please visit the sponsor page!


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