My first acting reel clip is UP on YouTube!

“Victim’s Angry Testimony,” because we’re told to make it easy for casting directors to find what they’re looking for, so don’t name it “Brad Vance Reel Clip #1.” And they no longer want to see 2 minute clips of all your various stuff together, just the short relevant bits broken up. So if they want to cast an angry victim on a crime show, well, there’s the clip!

I need a few more clips before I can get on Actors Access, etc., but then again, I’ll have MY OWN WEB SERIES STARRING ME pretty soon! So that’s a clip cornucopia in itself.

We’re filming October 23rd! So stoked. I’m producing it myself, I’ve got the shooting script broken down into a shot list, I’m taking photos to make storyboards so the shooting will go faster, I’ve done the casting, I’ve got the location (easy, just my house), the only budget is crafty (that’s how We Industry Types refer to craft services aka food). I have a great DP and editor, and he’s helping me with all the technical stuff I don’t have yet as a director.

I’m confident, even as a first time director. I figure, what did I know about self publishing, when I started writing, editing, formatting, producing ebooks, making my own covers, writing my own blurbs? What did I know about audiobooks when I started, baffled by lingo about noise floors and limiters, and now I’ve narrated, edited and produced six of those with a 7th on the way. I’m a fast learner, I pay attention, and I’m ready.

Will I fuck something up my first time out? Probably 🙂 When I look at my last audiobook vs. my first? Or my first smut story vs. my last novel? Definite growth.

But. There’s a difference. When I did my books, my audiobooks, it was ALL ME. I had nobody to rely on, nobody to tell me what I was doing wrong till I figured it out myself. This time I have a great DP who’s also a professional editor, to help me with the shot list and the storyboarding and the blocking. I have great actors to help me make my own character better.

So yeah, maybe I won’t fuck up the first one after all!


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