“Crunch” filming postponed…and that’s a good thing

There’s a movie filming in the area that, well, pretty much everyone in local acting/filmmaking is involved in at least a bit, making some actual bank doing what we love. So until that’s done filming, resources are pretty scarce for a short film.

That said! It’s actually a good thing. Being the run run go person I am, I wanted to get it done now now now. This is forcing me to stop, therefore allowing me to take the time to do full rehearsals and script revisions, along with the storyboarding and shot lists I’d already done, all of which will make the actual filming day go pretty smoothly (knock wood) or at least as smoothly as a filming day can go.

I feel really good about this series… once #1 goes up on Vimeo, well, we’ll see if I’m crazy. I know that short film is as accursed as selfpub when it comes to the horrors of promo, that the best thing in the world will sink like a stone without someone constantly beating the drum. But I now know some people in the film world who also do marketing and advertising and they love the scripts, so, I’ll have help.

I’m so used to self pubbed books and audiobooks and “I’ll just have to do it myself” that it’s strange to be in a world where I don’t control all the moving parts. That there are times you just have to accept that some of the parts aren’t always going to move when you want them to… and that maybe that’s for the best 🙂

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