$40 from “A Little Too Broken” AUDIOBOOK to IAVA! $5,840 and counting!

Astonishingly, the ALTB Audiobook made $85 in September! But yeah… that’s on 34 copies. So I made about $2.50 apiece on an audiobook that “lists” on Audible for $14.95. Hey! That’s better than the $1.50 apiece on Given the Circumstances, which lists for… $19.95.

More Amazon Bullshit – they lured me into exclusivity with this 40% royalty shit, and I thought, cool! I’ll make $8 on a $20 audiobook! They DIDN’T tell me about Whisperfuck, er Whispersync, which let buyers of a $3.99 audiobook add an audiobook for a fraction of the price.

BUT… suddenly, it appears that Amazon has changed their policy. With no notice, of course, as always… but for the better. Suddenly my $3.99 ebooks will require you to pay an astounding $7.49 to add the audio! Instead of $1.99.

I have no idea when this happened. But hey, maybe audiobooks are worth doing again, which they were definitely not at <$1 apiece royalty…


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