November 2017

“A Little Too Broken” Screenplay: SEMIFINALS in Diverse Voices comp!

November 16, 2017 // 0 Comments

I was a 2017 finalist in Reddit’s screenwriting sub. I made quarters in the WeScreenplay comp, and now semis in Diverse Voices. Tomorrow they announce semis in Shore Scripts Drama competition. So yeah, never listen when someone says “Humba dumba throw away your first script because it’s shit, humba dumba.” They just want to sound like they’re smoking a pipe and wearing one of those big brimmed “writer’s hats” on their heads – you know, the ones in all their publicity photos that are meant to say, I live a life of adventure! OH YEAH, and Crunch episode one… films THIS SATURDAY! OH YEAH YEAH, and “Stabitha” is up to 13,000 words 🙂 I’ll feed you more of serial killer/homicide detective Brian O’Connor in a day or two, but today (and let’s hope tomorrow! are all about celebrating competition advances for ALTB. Who knows, with Call Me By Your Name and Love, Simon coming out soon… maybe someone [MORE]

Here comes… “STABITHA” a serial killer thriller, and a new pen name…

November 12, 2017 // 2 Comments

Yes, like a phoenix from the flames, my transformation out of gayrom is nearing completion. “Crunch” episode one films next weekend, and I’ve started work on a serial killer thriller called “Stabitha.” Ten thousand words have already just fallen out of me without even trying, and knock wood/no whammies, this should be out in February. More info to come! Of course, I’ll need a new pen name, website etc., but in the Vance Family Tradition, I’m splitting myself into yet another horcrux. I was going to use “Derek Vance” for a mainstream thriller I never got to (consumed by magical thinking aka pure unhinged desperation at the time), so now’s his chance! I do believe this book could be the start of a beautiful relationship, between me and serial killer/homicide detective Brian O’Connor. But without further ado, let me introduce you… STABITHA – Chapter One It doesn’t bother me, the sight of this young woman’s [MORE]