December 2017

THE YEAR I GOT SHIT DONE, and My Gay Agenda for 2018!

December 28, 2017 // 0 Comments

I had a pretty bad depression a few weeks ago. A slump is typical near/at Dark O’Clock, but this one really sucked. The only thing that cheered me up was looking at everything I’ve done this year. And, just as importantly, I think, the things I stopped doing because I was beating my head against a wall. Since January I have: Written, workshopped, rewritten, subbed for coverage, rerewritten, a complete screenplay, the adaptation of A Little Too Broken. My first screenplay, and it finaled on /r/screenwriting’s 2017 comp, Semifinaled at Diverse Voices, Quarterfinaled at WeScreenplay, and Quarterfinaled at Shore Scripts. All in the face of a lot of wizened grizzled “expert advice” like “humba dumba your first script will be shit humba dumba, and  your second and your third humba.” Fuck you, old man (he said, having just turned 55)! I don’t need your negatude! Wrote, Directed, Produced and Acted in CRUNCH, the pilot episode of a web series! There [MORE]

“Crunch” release delayed, post prod issues…

December 22, 2017 // 0 Comments

Adobe Premiere Pro ate the project file, and my editor had to start over… So yeah. “Crunch” episode one is still coming to a device near you, just not sure when. I’m pretty frozen on doing anything with the next episode until this one gets out in the world. And, it was the darkest dark of Dark O’Clock yesterday, the time when my creativity is at its lowest, so not much else going on. I dream of the day I’m rich enough to cancel Winter – to just get on a plane and spend the three worst months of it on a tropical island… sun sun sun, sea sea sea, long warm [MORE]

“THE RED STUFF” a new short screenplay!

December 10, 2017 // 0 Comments

Here’s the link on Google Drive! A Modest Proposal retake, for our modern economy. It’s been through my screenwriting group and it’s a strong script. 20 pages, it’s long for a short, I know. Down from 23 though! The adage I read is that if you can’t tell the story in less than 20 minutes, it probably needs to be a feature. My group suggested I go there with this, as they did with another piece in progress, but fuck! I can’t! I need to focus on Stabitha and make some fucking money, of which I have none, before I spend time on long shots like spec scripts! The money wolves are baying hard at my heels, and I didn’t get shit done on Stabbers this last week, with clinical depression setting in hard. Not because of anything I did wrong, for once, and on maximum mood stabilizer dose, like seizure-level dose. Just because winter, and broke. I’m using CBD, the THC-free cannabis extract, and it’s keeping the wolves from taking any flesh off [MORE]

I’m a Designer! ETHEREUM and “SOON” clothing at Teespring!

December 9, 2017 // 0 Comments

I did this Ethereum design a ways back, put it up on RedBubble but that was it. Teespring just made it a lot easier to use their designer tools, so now I put it up there as well. It’s a real ETH QR code, with the blocks arranged to spell Ethereum (I know, you can read!) with the ETH diamond in the middle. Then, I worked with Bey Deckard to execute (heh) my idea for a T shirt for Our Times. So order yours now! The Bradish Empire expands again! More ideas to [MORE]