“THE RED STUFF” a new short screenplay!

Here’s the link on Google Drive!

A Modest Proposal retake, for our modern economy. It’s been through my screenwriting group and it’s a strong script. 20 pages, it’s long for a short, I know. Down from 23 though! The adage I read is that if you can’t tell the story in less than 20 minutes, it probably needs to be a feature.

My group suggested I go there with this, as they did with another piece in progress, but fuck! I can’t! I need to focus on Stabitha and make some fucking money, of which I have none, before I spend time on long shots like spec scripts!

The money wolves are baying hard at my heels, and I didn’t get shit done on Stabbers this last week, with clinical depression setting in hard. Not because of anything I did wrong, for once, and on maximum mood stabilizer dose, like seizure-level dose. Just because winter, and broke. I’m using CBD, the THC-free cannabis extract, and it’s keeping the wolves from taking any flesh off my heels, at least.

It’s a vicious circle – I need to focus to make money to keep away the wolves, but the wolves destroy my focus and I can’t make the money to keep…

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