“A Little Too Broken” Diverse Voices FINALIST with a 9.4 score, Overall Impression: TEN!

December 18, 2018 // 2 Comments

Yeah… 9.4. 10 overall. That’s a triple axel, a Super Bowl Threepeat, an EGOT. I know, it’s all subjective and I got a 6.4 in this comp earlier for a not-much-different version. But, still… I’m over the moon. I’ve worked so hard on this screenplay for going on two years now, and as always you can read the very latest version here, just updated again to remove the last of the mind reading and excess parentheticals. People say, Oh contests don’t matter if it’s not the Nicholl. Sure, if you’re writing “Swedish turnip farmer must accept his son’s emigration to Brooklyn to pickle artisanal beets.” Serious Screenplays for Serious People. But if you’re writing, how vulgar! a romance, however dark its components, you’re not going to win the Nicholl. So there is value in comps that don’t toss you to the curb if you’re not writing grim gritty doom shit that’ll get written up in Film Comment. [MORE]

“A Little Too Broken” Screenplay’s a SEMIFINALIST in Final Draft competition!

October 23, 2018 // 0 Comments

Read the script HERE! Yeah it’s kind of a big deal you know 🙂 Seriously, there are a lot of comps, and I’ve made quarters in a lot of them… along with, in one case, 430 other scripts. Or was it 470? But Final Draft, it’s real baby. They’ve got the categories broken up, so that an action-adventure script isn’t facing off with a romcom. The Diversity category now has 18 semifinalists; I’m not sure when finalists are announced, but yeah I feel good about getting this far. This is the seventh major revision of the screenplay, and it gets better, and places better, each time – so learn to take a good note, kids! And with CRUNCH 2 out in the world, I’m feeling more creative again. I gotta say the financial failure of Stabitha really punched me in the nuts for a while. That, and two months of back problems, really took the wind out of my sails. But I’m coming back to life. HAPPY FAMILIES is still happening, but there’s no [MORE]

CRUNCH Web series Episode Two is LIVE!!!

October 22, 2018 // 2 Comments

This is the second episode in a web series that I’ve been writing and directing for a year and a half. One of the most consistent pieces of advice I get on the Reddit screenwriting sub is to make your own stuff, create your own shorts instead of waiting for permission from gatekeepers, waiting for agents to maybe read your script or contest judges to maybe like it. And I did it. So here’s Crunch the webseries, episodes 1: https://vimeo.com/251681604 And now, just released, episode 2: https://vimeo.com/296187613 Lessons learned after 1.5 years to make 2 shorts, 25 minutes of content? That it’s fucking HARD. If I ever get credited with a famous line like “Nobody knows anything,” it would be, “Movies don’t want to be made.” They will fight you every step of the way, intent on collapsing into black holes. Any screenwriter who’s grumbled, “they ruined my script,” should do what I did. To be the producer, the director, the casting director, the location manager, the [MORE]

WHOO! A Little Too Broken screenplay marches on in the comps! TOP 3%!

September 28, 2018 // 2 Comments

As always, you can read the latest version here! This is the Final Draft screenwriting software Big Break contest, and I’m one of 78 quarterfinalists in the Diverse category. (I have a short, The Red Stuff, click here to read!, that’s also made QF in a contest, but I didn’t make a deal of it because it’s me and um is it 429 or 479 other quarterfinalists 🙂 The Final Draft one is pretty good news, since only 3% of scripts get that far. I also got a 7.9 in the Diverse Voices contest first round (I paid for notes) and that means I’m *probably* advancing there. I got great notes from WeScreenplay for the second time, and I incorporated his notes into the Draft 7 I resubbed for the next round. Wish me [MORE]

Stabitha OUT of KU! Coming soon to Apple, Kobo, Google Play…

September 24, 2018 // 0 Comments

…and lots of other places, as are all my gayroms. The paperback is now through Ingram and the ebook is through… everywhere. I’ll say it AGAIN. I had NO CHOICE but to pub in KU as a first time thriller writer, because Amazon A, will punish you in your New Release ranking if you don’t, which will really smother you since B, they have the market cornered on their site with their own Montlake and Lake Union serial killer thrillers, and are always privileging those in search results way above anyone else’s. So yeah. At Amazon, your publisher is… your ruthless competitor. But as I’ve said before, I could be waiting until the End of Days for an agent to answer a “Hey I’m nobody with no connections and would you please read this query letter and by the way my whole reader base is in gay romance so about 1% of them are going to follow me to another genre and thanks for your time!” I’m not sorry I published it myself instead of [MORE]

Stabitha OUT of CreateSpace, INTO Ingram for Wide Disti!

September 16, 2018 // 0 Comments

Finished the process today! I doubt it matters. But my wishful thinking self has this image of a fresh young intern, in love with the book, trying to get some pinchy old cod in a bow tie to acknowledge the wonders of Stabitha, but his derision of its shabby selfpub origins, a book that is “Not a Gentleman,” has damned said intern’s efforts… This article just happened. French bookstore owners are furious that a self-published book is up for the “prestigious” Prix Renaudot. Not so much because it’s selfpub, but because it’s via CreateSpace, and to booksellers in France, Amazon is the Great Satan – here too! But we don’t have a government that, you know, treasures arts and letters. Of course, the author has good reasons for doing so. The French-Israeli author, who has published more than a dozen books via more traditional routes, told the Guardian he was forced into put[ting] out an edition of Bande de Français himself after no [MORE]

ALL BOOKS (Stabitha soon!) OUT OF KU! On Sale Everywhere!

September 10, 2018 // 0 Comments

(Well, everywhere in a day or so.) I did it! I escaped the gingerbread house, and the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the Northwest! I know, mixin’ up my witches. Stabitha’s still in till 9/23; I had no choice as a first time writer in the serial killer thriller genre but to go in to KU for the 90 day minimum, because Amazon will fuckin’ BURY YOU in the new releases if you don’t. Not that you don’t get buried anyway under the weight of all the promo they do to ensure that their in-house Montlake and Lake Union serial killer titles rule the list… And not that it mattered since the best serial killer thriller since Silence of the Lambs tanked anyway, but still. The likelihood of any sudden great backlist income from going wide is, well, I’ve been down this road before, pretty close to zero. But I’ve gone back to the abusive relationship authors have with Amazon again and again, and this time, I’m noping right out of there for good. [MORE]

COVER REVEAL for Stabitha’s sequel… ALL BOOKS OUT of KU in September!

August 31, 2018 // 0 Comments

Yes, it’s true. 7000 words so far on… HAPPY FAMILIES, the sequel to Stabbers! In which Adam’s “perfect fucking family,” seen on his living room walls by baffled anthropologists Brian and Carrie in book one, is revealed to be maybe sort of not so happy after all, or happy at some terrible price… For the first time ever, I’m not abandoning a series because “there’s no money in it.” Why? Details below. I’m pretty sure now that there’s no money in anything I write. I mean fuck, Stabitha is amazing. Brilliant. It takes every serial-killer-thriller cliche and shoots them in the head. Which is probably why it didn’t sell. People want the Pringle, the same goddamn chip out of the can every time, the comfort of the familiar, the predictable: Hero Cop is Tortured by Unsolved Murder of Beautiful [white] Girl, Brilliant Serial Killer Taunts Him with (as Brian put it) Letters Full of Wingdings Put Through the Wood [MORE]

“A Little Too Broken” Screenplay gets a 7.9 for LATEST VERSION!

August 17, 2018 // 0 Comments

Which is a damn good score! You can read version 7 here! I took the judge’s notes to heart about cutting down the big speeches, and did my own hard pass over unnecessary parentheticals etc. It’s down from 104 to 100 pages now. Here are his positive notes on the script: You’ve written a very original story exploring a world that most of us are clueless about – what it’s like to live with HIV, the fear of coming out to your family and the struggles amputee vets have with PTSD and suicide. It’s a story that needs to be told because it’s far too easy for us who haven’t served to forget about the horrible aftermath of war and what people are dealing with all over this country. It’s a heartbreaking story with a nice dose of redemption to balance things out. There’s an authenticity to the characters and their struggles – it all feels very truthful and perhaps drawn from firsthand experience. Nice job with creating two contrasting lead characters. All [MORE]