CRUNCH Webisode 1 is LIVE!

Watch it here! Live on Vimeo 🙂

“An outsourced tech worker [ME!] turns his basement into six tiny, Hong Kong style living quarters, and rents them out to desperate millennials.”

2 Comments on CRUNCH Webisode 1 is LIVE!

  1. Just watched the first episode and loved it! Very professional looking, good script and performances. My only comment is about the credits. The names were very readable but the function associated with each name was virtually invisible, at least to my admittedly old eyes. Otherwise, great job! I hope you make your Kickstarter goal so I can see more episodes! I would pledge more if I could. Best of luck!

    • Thanks so much! Yeah the credits are in a format used by a local group, by the time they were set I just accepted them. If it was up to me I would have a big giant written and directed by Brad Vance title card at the end 🙂 but these are the compromises you make to get something finished!

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