“Crunch” Kickstarter submitted! Here’s the promo video I made!

Watch episode 1 of “Crunch” HERE on Vimeo!

I edited this trailer using the final MP4 file, the music clips, and some voiceover I recorded on my Snowball mike. All done using an old version of Camtasia! So just imagine what I can do when I get a “real” editing setup for Episode 2 🙂


The Kickstarter goal for future episodes is a (relatively modest by KS film standards) $5,000, enough to get a good editing PC, Creative Cloud for a year, and pay for the Lumix G7 and memory card I’ve already put on the credit card 🙂 If I can raise more than that, people working on the show (and it is a show now) will get PAID!

I’ll be sure to keep you posted, and to flog the Kickstarter MERCILESSLY when it goes live!

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