CRUNCH update and new film scripts!

CRUNCH Episode two is filming April 28th! Okay, half of it, because I’m doing camera myself this time, and I’ve divided the script into two days of filming, Upstairs and Downstairs. WATCH NUMBER ONE HERE!!!

The second half will film in May/June, and then I still need the insert scenes, the story-within-a-story of Brad’s favorite soap opera. But it takes as long as it takes. I was stressing myself over it and then had a realization: Only do something if it’s paying you, or it’s fun. If it’s not either, don’t do it. So I had to wait for CRUNCH to feel like fun again, which it does now.

In the meantime, in addition to Stabitha, now at 55k words and nearly done, I’ve been busy on scripts. The script page is updated with new stuff and the most recent versions of a few others. There’s some real dark Black Mirror shit here, mostly because these were written over the winter and you know winter is like a Black Mirror episode that never ends.

DID I MISS ANYTHING? One by one, a man watches his friends time travel into the future, where they may or may not be welcome.

THE RED STUFF – Two documentary filmmakers risk their lives to tell the story of the American underclass in the year 2030.

SEE YOU AT THE TOP – A hike up the mountains proves more difficult than expected.

I’m determined to film The Red Stuff this year. It’s the script that’s received the most positive feedback, and like CRUNCH it’s something I can make without a huge crew or any budget. I actually wrote it to be filmed on a cell phone, that’s part of the story. I have a real camera now (Panasonic Lumix G7), but hey! I’m still filming it on the phone. It’s a Google Pixel XL so shit, it’s still better than any camera I’ve had in the past.

I’m a huge fan of the Robert Rodriguez ethos, from his book Rebel Without a Crew: Use what you got. Is there a turtle in the road? Put it in the shot. Can you use this location but not that one? Rewrite the script. Did this actor fall out of the project? Who’s available? You’re hired. For CRUNCH #2, I lost an actor with less than two weeks to go before shooting, so what did I do? A quick attempt to recast, which failed, so rather than letting that consume me. I rewrote the script, gave the scene to Liz. Problem solved!

Movies, I’ve learned, don’t want to exist. It’s like some law of entropy. Everything conspires to break the machinery, to fuck shit up, to derail the project. Taking on more of the responsibilities yourself (though I’m never again acting in every scene like in #1) means more work, but less entropy – fewer parts/people/locations/etc. to worry about succumbing to said law. Now I’ve added camera and editing to my directing, writing, acting and producing portfolio. Sigh.

But like I said, it feels fun again. So look for some more CRUNCH episodes this year!

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