May 2018

STABITHA IS DONE!! Coming June 19th!

May 26, 2018 // 2 Comments

Yep, I finished. It’s out to a few “power readers,” people I’ve worked with who I know are really good with story and won’t just say, “uh yeah I liked it”! I need this thing poked and prodded until it’s the best it can be. I have a few objective readers who LOVE IT as much as I do, and think it could really go boom. This is the first time I’ve had live feedback on a novel as I wrote it, as well, so the development’s been much stronger than any other book I’ve done. I’ve bet the farm on this book. It’s either get rich or die in a ditch. Or, worse, a return to the barren hellscapes of Cubicle City. Which I’m just refusing to think about right now. One day, I’ll tell you the hilarious story of my imaginary Articulate user ID, Eliza Weizenbaum and how I didn’t get a job because of “her.” But not today. Seriously, if Stabbers takes off, I’m having a motherfucking Facebook Live [MORE]

CRUNCH #2 in production! A sneak peek from Day One of filming!

May 13, 2018 // 0 Comments

Mind you this is me cobbling together a “post prod storyboard” for my real editor, more than anything else. No color correction, brightness, sound, etc. Just my choices of the best takes, reactions, and how I see them mixing together. I took down my “support” page because Certain People in the writing community fucked that up for all of us, but as costs mount for Crunch, I’m thinking of trying again. I put a new, more powerful computer on the credit card so I can start to learn video editing. What you see was done (barely) in Camtasia Studio, wherein the playback was so wobbly I kept having to publish, watch, edit, publish, watch… I’m installing Lightworks because, yeah, it’s free as well as powerful. We’ll see how that is going forward, but I’m super happy with where I got on my first try! Take a look 🙂   [MORE]

“Stabitha” is NEARLY FINISHED! Mid June Pub Date!

May 7, 2018 // 0 Comments

60k words and closing in on the big finish… So proud of this book. If I can’t monetize this, I give up. I’ve put up older versions of some of this, but… this is close to final. Enjoy 🙂 CHAPTER ONE   It doesn’t bother me, the sight of this young woman’s corpse. It was a messy death, blood everywhere, a nice juicy artery slit open while she was still chock full of fluid and very much alive. There’ll be plenty of work for ServPro in this apartment! The bed’s a total loss, and the area rugs, and I bet the walls are going to need more than just repainting. It’s a horrifying scene, no doubt. But it’s just a dead body. And so its motionless tragic tableau fails to move me. It got to a lot of the patrol cops, I could tell, and the EMS folks. It angered them, the permanently inert form of this twentysomething kindergarten teacher, a “citizen,” one of the good guys. Someone they’d have asked out on a date, if only they could have screwed up the [MORE]