STABITHA IS DONE!! Coming June 19th!

Yep, I finished. It’s out to a few “power readers,” people I’ve worked with who I know are really good with story and won’t just say, “uh yeah I liked it”! I need this thing poked and prodded until it’s the best it can be. I have a few objective readers who LOVE IT as much as I do, and think it could really go boom. This is the first time I’ve had live feedback on a novel as I wrote it, as well, so the development’s been much stronger than any other book I’ve done.

I’ve bet the farm on this book. It’s either get rich or die in a ditch. Or, worse, a return to the barren hellscapes of Cubicle City. Which I’m just refusing to think about right now. One day, I’ll tell you the hilarious story of my imaginary Articulate user ID, Eliza Weizenbaum and how I didn’t get a job because of “her.” But not today.

Seriously, if Stabbers takes off, I’m having a motherfucking Facebook Live LinkedIn Deletion Party – the true and final death and end of “Orland” and any need to retain his identity because I might have to work a day job again.

This time, unlike every other time, I’m doing it “their way.” Getting a cover in line with what’s selling in the genre, taking a power course in how to write a blurb that hooks, paying some outfit $99 for a program that allegedly tells me what keywords to use when I set up the title in KDP, and most importantly I have a friend who’s a super power ad placement sales and marketing guy who’s going to help me with the promo.

Oh and of course title it STABITHA: A GRIPPING SERIAL KILLER THRILLER because keywords again. (And if it really takes off, I can go legit with the title and dump the gripping shit.)

The good thing, and the bad, about selfpub is that you know so very soon if your book will fly or die. Publish @ .99 for three days, you have no choice in genre fiction but to be in KU at least for 90 days, otherwise Amazon will BURY YOU as it privileges its Montlake etc. titles over yours. Three days later, it’s on the New Releases list and you advertise the fuck out of it. Ten days later, you’ve either moved to the bestseller list… or your book has tanked.

So by the end of June, I will know if I’m rich or in the ditch…

2 Comments on STABITHA IS DONE!! Coming June 19th!

  1. Congratulations on finishing!

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