SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS from “A Little Too Broken ” to IAVA and Veterans’ Groups!

Technically I probably passed the $6,000 mark a month or two ago but I haven’t been keeping exact accounting (no doubt why I have $1.52 in savings!). At any rate, even with ALTB pulling in very very little money, I’ve set a default donation of $20 to IAVA every month anyway.

Hard to believe the book’s been out since November 2013, 4 1/2 years… It’s been a novel, then an audiobook, then a screenplay (a master class in adaptation, learning what to leave out of a book and oops fuck that should have been in the book). I have low hopes for ever seeing the movie made, because the only gay that’s selling in Hollywood is YA gay, probably because US YA stories don’t port to Russia or China or other anti gay markets anyway, so there’s no financial risk… That said, writing it taught me how to write for the screen, so not a total loss!

Anyway. IAVA is a great organization. Unlike other orgs, they never sent me calendars or stamps or mouse pads or mailing labels. Some organizations I don’t donate to anymore still mail me stuff. And have, I’m pretty sure, returned all my donated money in the form of shit I don’t need or want.

IAVA sends me two pieces of mail a year, an invitation to the annual Heroes Gala, and my thank you tax deduction letter. The rest? Goes to services for vets, and lobbying for decent treatment of vets (fucked up that there even has to be lobbying required for that…).

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