STABITHA Marches On!

Sales are umm not great? I’m definitely not founding a movie studio on the profits so far! But the reviews coming in, they validate what I knew: that Brian is a character people really love.

This may be a Fight Club scenario. The get rich quick scheme (ebook selfpub and targeted ads) didn’t work, but that isn’t the end of the story this time. Conning Colin failed at the box office, and that was that, because outside Amazon there’s really no market for gayrom. But Stabbers, I know this will be successful if I can just get people to open it, start it…

It’s going to be about hitting bookstores, blogs, podcasts, one by one. Reaching out to strangers to convince them to do something I want them to do, yeah, not my strong suit. Like most writers, I think, and the reason Tradpub will always stay in business – we don’t want to do the lobbying, we want “them” to do it, the people who are good at it!

I can’t give up on this book. It’s too goddamn good. And of course Brian is whispering in my ear, about books two AND three, the fucker. (I’m so happy with the title of the third one, and I have a pub date goal that, yeah, would make Brian grin from ear to ear.)

So we’ll see. It’s rational-not-rational, not rational because a book that fails out the gate is almost always dead, for good. But it’s rational because THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD. And now, it’s not just me and my friends who think so.

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