“Conning Colin” audiobook is live! Narrated by… me :)

It’s here on Audible! Coming soon to Amazon and iTunes!

Colin O’Neill has been in a rut for some time now. Whether it’s his acting career or his newly-discovered identity as a gay man, he can’t seem to get any traction in his job or his love life. What he needs is a change. What he needs is a shock to his system. What he needs is Hamilton.

Hamilton. Dillinger. Harrison. He goes by different names to fulfill a world of different fantasies, but he’s most popular as Hamilton, the escort who acts and dresses like he’s worth a million bucks. Few people know the man behind the character, Henry Davis. He’s yet another New Yorker living on the financial edge, cobbling together jobs in the sex industry to make a living. Henry wants nothing more than to drop the facade, to live in cargo shorts and an old Mets t-shirt, working as a screenwriter, to be free from playing the part of the high class lover. But first, he’s got to write the perfect screenplay…

As “Hamilton” guides Colin into becoming a confident gay man, Henry is inspired by Colin’s journey to write his screenplay. Meanwhile, Colin’s transformation makes him more confident as an actor, landing him bigger and bigger parts. Then a Hollywood studio wants Colin for a lead role, and magically, the part seems like it was written just for him…

Now Colin and Henry are on a collision course. What will Colin think when he finds out that Hamilton is really ordinary Henry, the struggling artist? Will Colin feel conned when he finds that the perfect Hollywood part contains all the secrets that Colin confided in “Hamilton”?

2 Comments on “Conning Colin” audiobook is live! Narrated by… me :)

  1. Tim Heller // July 17, 2018 at 8:35 pm // Reply

    YES–got it!

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