Crunch #2 rough cut is DONE!!! Also coming – Stabitha: The Audiobook!

Sound issues, are most of what sets it out as Rough and not Final. But I’m working with my sound guy to fix all that, and the final will be out in a few weeks!

IN THE MEANTIME, here’s a link to the rough cut! DON’T use your data plan because the 4K file is 2GB! 

Again, sound isn’t done and music is placeholders, and some fucking times the goddamn software just won’t let me sync lips and speech, or it will, but the final product… isn’t. Grrr. Again, all to be solved. But it’s solidly “what it is” in terms of story.

I’m not a fan of secrecy when it comes to works in progress. Come on, your script’s not Star Wars. Nobody’s gonna steal it. You’re better off having more people see your stuff rather than less. I read so many books about movies, how the sausage is made, and what if you could see the rough cuts of some of them, what if you could see for yourself what changes were made… But barring what makes it onto Criterion discs, you’ll probably never know…

I’m happy with it. The story, the performances, are all solid. I’m happy with the aesthetics of the edit, the reaction shots, the continuity of cuts when bodies or drapes are moving. It’s obvious that my DP was on board for day 2 but not day 1, but, at least the shots we did without him on day 1 are all upstairs, and you could make if not a compelling case, at least a case, that the change in lighting serves the story… Hey it’s a stretch but I’m a novelist, making up somewhat believable shit is what I do.

And I’ve never edited a video before, so, hey not a bad job! I love the creative part of editing, cutting for story. I just need an assistant to do things like, you know, wash and dry the audio files and put them into the video files, so I only do the “fun part.” (The Yellow Pie bits without the dreary Green Pie bits.)

So, what’s next? Well, the final cut of course. And the script for Episode Three is in its third draft, and feeling good. More of a broad comedy, in that there are lots of comings and goings on and off stage that keep the action moving. So each episode feels different, which to me is great, because who wants to do the same thing over and over, right?

And then… The psychological thriller script. It’s too early to go back to Brian’s world for book two, and I need to do more research anyway. But most importantly, The Money Wolf says, “This time, you’d better write something that makes a buck!” Obviously Brian can’t do that, so, this is my best opportunity…

The (relatively) easiest thing for me to do is write a kickass script (read Stabitha and tell me the script won’t be insanely great) and give it to my friend who’s looking to produce films locally. Because that frees me from the worst part of the whole creative process: having to be the one who bangs the drum, hey hey look look over here! Someone else to do the asking, to take the rejection, to try and try again… bang bang bang the drum…

But I did have a breakthrough of sorts for Stabitha… a possible redemption from its dismal box office. Because… I can still do the audiobook! Which will be a WHOLE NEW RELEASE! So I can hope it doesn’t end up having to find a better, happier life upstate with all the other audiobooks 🙂 Seriously, you never know. Brian’s voice is my voice. I’ve done seven audiobooks so I’m no slouch. Maybe this is Brian’s back door to success…

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