ALL BOOKS (Stabitha soon!) OUT OF KU! On Sale Everywhere!

(Well, everywhere in a day or so.) I did it! I escaped the gingerbread house, and the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the Northwest! I know, mixin’ up my witches.

Stabitha’s still in till 9/23; I had no choice as a first time writer in the serial killer thriller genre but to go in to KU for the 90 day minimum, because Amazon will fuckin’ BURY YOU in the new releases if you don’t. Not that you don’t get buried anyway under the weight of all the promo they do to ensure that their in-house Montlake and Lake Union serial killer titles rule the list… And not that it mattered since the best serial killer thriller since Silence of the Lambs tanked anyway, but still.

The likelihood of any sudden great backlist income from going wide is, well, I’ve been down this road before, pretty close to zero. But I’ve gone back to the abusive relationship authors have with Amazon again and again, and this time, I’m noping right out of there for good. It just feels really good to go to Draft2Digital and click PUBLISH again on all my books. And at least making them available to libraries via Biblioteca and Overdrive (and not doubling the price for libraries like D2D suggests because fuck that).

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