Stabitha OUT of CreateSpace, INTO Ingram for Wide Disti!

Finished the process today! I doubt it matters. But my wishful thinking self has this image of a fresh young intern, in love with the book, trying to get some pinchy old cod in a bow tie to acknowledge the wonders of Stabitha, but his derision of its shabby selfpub origins, a book that is “Not a Gentleman,” has damned said intern’s efforts…

This article just happened. French bookstore owners are furious that a self-published book is up for the “prestigious” Prix Renaudot. Not so much because it’s selfpub, but because it’s via CreateSpace, and to booksellers in France, Amazon is the Great Satan – here too! But we don’t have a government that, you know, treasures arts and letters.

Of course, the author has good reasons for doing so.

The French-Israeli author, who has published more than a dozen books via more traditional routes, told the Guardian he was forced into put[ting] out an edition of Bande de Français himself after no French publisher picked it up.

“As I didn’t want to bow down to this decision,” Koskas said, “in the end I decided to self-publish. Otherwise I might have gone into some sort of literary hiding.”

The novel is only available for sale through the internet giant, so according to the Syndicat, it is “technically and commercially almost impossible” for bookshops to put it on their shelves.

Well, IDK about CS abroad, but there IS a button you can push during setup for disti to bookstores. Your royalty is, of course, as deliberately set by Amazon, waaaaaaay lower than sales direct through Bezordor.

Anyway, it’ll show up in the Ingram catalog soon so bookstores can order it. You know, it just takes the one right person to read it and love it. You know, a total movie miracle. That’s pretty much the only thing that would save Stabbers from the financial dustbin now.

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