“A Little Too Broken” Screenplay’s a SEMIFINALIST in Final Draft competition!

Read the script HERE!

Yeah it’s kind of a big deal you know 🙂 Seriously, there are a lot of comps, and I’ve made quarters in a lot of them… along with, in one case, 430 other scripts. Or was it 470?

But Final Draft, it’s real baby. They’ve got the categories broken up, so that an action-adventure script isn’t facing off with a romcom. The Diversity category now has 18 semifinalists; I’m not sure when finalists are announced, but yeah I feel good about getting this far. This is the seventh major revision of the screenplay, and it gets better, and places better, each time – so learn to take a good note, kids!

And with CRUNCH 2 out in the world, I’m feeling more creative again. I gotta say the financial failure of Stabitha really punched me in the nuts for a while. That, and two months of back problems, really took the wind out of my sails. But I’m coming back to life.

HAPPY FAMILIES is still happening, but there’s no rush now that there’s no money in it. In fact, if I don’t publish this till next summer, that means that I will probably publish the final book, FATHER’S DAY… on June 21, 2020 🙂

And right now, I’m focused on a new script – in the “social horror” genre. INCUBATOR’s logline: When two tech bros buy a “murder house” and turn it into a startup incubator, they are confronted by the ghosts of the murdered family, and by the former rental tenants.

So like Crunch, it’s “about something,” in this case a ghost story that’s also about the living ghosts being created by an economy that only has room for lords and peasants. Hey, after I took all the serial killer thriller cliches out back and shot ’em in the head, did you really think I’d write an ordinary ghost story? 🙂

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