“A Little Too Broken” Diverse Voices FINALIST with a 9.4 score, Overall Impression: TEN!

Yeah… 9.4. 10 overall. That’s a triple axel, a Super Bowl Threepeat, an EGOT. I know, it’s all subjective and I got a 6.4 in this comp earlier for a not-much-different version. But, still… I’m over the moon.

I’ve worked so hard on this screenplay for going on two years now, and as always you can read the very latest version here, just updated again to remove the last of the mind reading and excess parentheticals.

People say, Oh contests don’t matter if it’s not the Nicholl. Sure, if you’re writing “Swedish turnip farmer must accept his son’s emigration to Brooklyn to pickle artisanal beets.” Serious Screenplays for Serious People. But if you’re writing, how vulgar! a romance, however dark its components, you’re not going to win the Nicholl. So there is value in comps that don’t toss you to the curb if you’re not writing grim gritty doom shit that’ll get written up in Film Comment.

And to all the would be screenwriters out there, pay no attention to the crusty old sea captains of the USS Hollywood who grumble that you should “throw out your first screenplay and your second and your third, because they’re gonna be shit,” so they can sound like wise old salts. When really they’re just pickled old cods 🙂

So yeah. I have two weeks to write a finalist statement, and then in January, “And the winner is…”

2 Comments on “A Little Too Broken” Diverse Voices FINALIST with a 9.4 score, Overall Impression: TEN!

  1. So happy to hear that! I will keep various body parts crossed for you and look forward to seeing the movie down the road.

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